Nike Zoom 2K | Detailed Look and Review

The Nike Zoom 2k is in-hand for a detailed look and review.

One of the better new models to come from Nike Sportswear in a while, the Nike Zoom 2k perfectly takes what worked in the 90s and 2000s while still being fresh and new.

The Zoom 2k is an interesting shoe. They look Retro but they also look current or modern. I could easily see myself turning the page of an Eastbay magazine and seeing these in the catalog but I wasn’t appalled by the new design whatsoever. Yes, the design team killed this one. This is a great new lifestyle shoe from Nike.

Materials aren’t anything special as Neoprene and mesh make up most of the build. Synthetic overlays are in place to add to its Retro flare while color blocking on the shoe has been surprisingly good with each new version seen.

If you were interested in the Nike Zoom 2k, then we hope our detailed look and review helps you out. Sizing information is available within the review and you can find the Nike Zoom 2k now in Men’s and Women’s sizes at and

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