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Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G Performance Review

Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G

Perhaps borrowing from some of Tinker Hatfield’s legendary vision or trying to ride the wave of their success with Jordan Brand crossovers, Nike has brought the iconic Nike Air Max 1 to the golf course. The Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G (quite the mouthful there) is inspired by the shoe that started it all, the Air Max 1.

If you made a list of the most influential sneakers of all time, I don’t think you’d get very far before you got to the Air Max 1. Designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield, the Air Max, with its visible Air unit, changed the game when it came to sneakers and helped launch one of the most iconic sneaker lines of all time. 30 years later the Air Max, in all of its different variations like the Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G we’re reviewing today, is one of the most sought-after shoes on the market.

Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G

Price: $160

Sizing: Runs Narrow (wide footers might need to look elsewhere)

Rundown: The Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G can’t compete with some of the more tech-focused golf shoes available today. It looks the part and isn’t a bad shoe, but there are better options.



This is the category where the Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G stands out the most. I wore these while playing with a couple of buddies and the jealousy factor with these was through the roof! From the visible Air unit to the “Nike Air” logo on the heel, not a single detail was missed. Although I tested the white and black colorway, Nike has a ton of other great options and the Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G is one of their favorite shoes to use for special events or collaborations.

Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G Outsole Traction


If the styling of the Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G is the high point of this shoe, then the traction is easily the low point. There were multiple times throughout my testing process that I felt like my feet weren’t locked into the ground during my swing. To be honest with you, I’m not sure how much differently these shoes would have performed over a non-golf version of the Air Max 1.


The Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G comes equipped with a visible Air unit and a full-length foam midsole that does a good job of neutralizing the impact of each step during the course of a round of golf. If you’ve ever stepped into an Air Max 1 shoe, then you know what you’re going to experience here.

Unfortunately for Nike, and for this shoe in particular, the fact that it is based on a 30+ year-old design is what holds it back. Although this shoe is comfortable, it just can’t compare to some of the more modern casual shoe turned golf shoe options such as the adidas Ultraboost Golf.

Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G Heel Nike Air Logo


Traditionally during these reviews, I finish by talking about how supportive the shoe is. For the Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G, I’m going to make a slight edit to that and talk about the support plus the fit. Perhaps more than any shoe I have reviewed, I think these two areas go hand in hand.

There was a good amount of lockdown in these shoes, but the fit was so narrow that it felt like my feet were being squished – especially in the toe box. I will be the first person to admit that might be something unique to me and my wide feet, but I think it’s worth mentioning that wide-footed folks are advised to go at least half a size up.

Even then that might not solve the issue. This shoe is not a great option for wide footers and I think many wide footers should consider a different option altogether. You can find all of our Golf Shoe Reviews here…we’ve reviewed several high performers that will fit and feel great on wide footers.

Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G Summary

Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G Summary

Although the Air Max 1 was one of the most innovative shoes ever to hit the market, the Nike Air Max 1 86 OG G ironically pales in comparison to some of the more tech-focused golf shoes available today. This shoe definitely looks the part and by no means is a bad shoe, but for my money, there are plenty of better options out there.

Total Score
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  1. I guess costs prevent it? but I would love Nike to offer at least 2 widths normal and wide for most all shoes besides the casual lifestyle lines.

  2. I don’t golf. Can i wear this golf version in my day to day off the course? (asking because there is a specific colourway in the G line that i really like)

    1. Yes you can. Think of it as a beefier outsole than is typical on the AM 1. Kinda like when you buy a shoe with a trail or winter outsole.

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