LeBron James Tops eBay’s Best-Selling NBA Sneakers List

StubHub has partnered with eBay data analysts to identify the “LeBron Effect” exploding through eBay’s platform — and the data shows that LeBron’s fans are buying his merch in droves.

According to data collected on eBay, sales of the LeBron 15 ($185) doubled that of Kyrie Irving’s Kyrie 4 ($120). Additionally, James’ new Western Conference rival Stephen Curry (it’s a bit more like David versus Goliath) came in at number four behind Damian Lillard’s Dame 4 at third place. Last place was held by Russell Westbrook’s Jordan Why Not Zer0.1.

What may be most interesting about this data is actually the staggering number of LeBron’s Lakers jerseys have sold on eBay. According to the data, more than 12,000 LeBron Lakers jerseys have sold on eBay since the King signed with Los Angeles on July 2 — that nearly 200 jerseys per day. LeBron’s Lakers jersey is by far the top-selling NBA jersey this offseason.

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