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361 AG 4: Aaron Gordon’s New Shoe Feels Awesome

361 AG 4

Aaron Gordon’s 4th signature with 361, the 361 AG 4, has some highlights, and some lowlights, but all in all feels like it is going to be a beast on court.

Release Date: 2023

Price: $98

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Aaron Gordon had a pretty great year in 2023. An NBA Championship and a signature shoe? In the same calendar year? Not bad. And the year’s not over yet! To be fair, the 361 AG 4 is his 4th signature shoe, but it’s a signature shoe nonetheless.

The previous 3 signature shoes Gordon has had with 361 have been surprisingly good. In particular, the AG 1 and the Zen 3 (Gordon’s budget model) were excellent. But all of his models have been comfortably above average.

The AG 4, at first glance, has some very impressive features and others that are going to require extensive testing to prove that they’re on par with the rest of the shoe. But, for now, it seems like the AG 4 is going to be another solid offering from 361.

361 AG 4 Review

361 AG 4 Tech Specs:

361 AG 4 Traction

The AG 4 has a solid rubber outsole with a radial herringbone traction pattern. Like most Chinese brand sneakers, the rubber used on the sole is rugged and should hold up well to heavy outdoor use. As an indoor option, the AG 4 should also perform well as far as traction goes.

That rubber, aside from being tough, is also very grippy, and the way that herringbone is configured, offers great multi-directional coverage. It is very reminiscent of the Jordan 34’s traction

One thing that might be an issue with this sole is located in the forefoot of the shoe. In that area, there is, what looks like, an oval-shaped portion scooped out, and therefore, not in contact with the floor. Once you put the shoe on and apply pressure in that area, the sole lowers and grips the court, but this lack of structure may cause fatigue in your foot as you play. 

361 AG 4 Cushion

The cushion on the 361 AG 4 feels fantastic. The shoe features a thick slab of 361’s Quickfoam, but it feels very different than other Quckfoam setups from the past. This version feels much lighter but still feels as plush and bouncy as previous iterations, which will make it a great setup for the majority of players out there, from smaller shiftier guards to bigger and more powerful forwards. 

On top of that, we also have a dense ortholite-style insole which adds another layer of comfort to everything. The AG 4 will give you a nice fluid ride on court with a balanced blend of responsiveness and impact protection. Think of a lighter version of Boost

361 AG 4 Materials

361 AG 4 Materials

Similar to most modern basketball shoes, the 361 AG 4 is constructed with a primarily textile upper. There are two distinct portions: the white mesh and the black fuse overlays. The white portions are a nice woven material that is reminiscent of Jordan’s Lenoweave.

It’s soft, and lightweight and should work just fine in terms of containment. The fuse overlays, however, are not so great. They are thicker than in previous versions of the shoe and have a more plastic feel. It’s also going to be more restrictive and distracting as well, but on the positive side, it will also be more robust, which is a plus for players that need that extra containment on court. 

361 AG 4 Support

This is the biggest potential weakness of the shoe, which should be addressed if 361 is planning on creating a “Pro” edition of this shoe. The “scooped out” portion of the forefoot we mentioned earlier, combined with the rather flimsy TPU shank plate may be an issue for players that need strong support features, or cause fatigue and stress on your feet after prolonged use.

If you have had similar issues in the past, you may want to skip this model or consider using an insole with improved torsional support. Aside from that everything else should work just fine. We have a standard heel counter, a stable cushioning setup, an internal lacing system, and those upper materials we already covered.

361 AG 4 Fit

The 361 AG 4 fits true to size, but make sure to order your usual US size, not your European size. If you are looking at your European size, you should go half a size up (46 = 46.5). As long as you are able to get the right size, the AG 4 conforms really well to your foot thanks to the lateral lace cables and the really nice molding in the heel of the shoe. 

361 AG 4 Overall

The 361 AG 4 has the potential to be one of the best hoop shoes of the year. But 1 of 2 things have to happen: Either, the flimsy stability features turn out to be a nonissue (at least for the vast majority of players), which seems unlikely (again a sturdy insole with a torsional plate might help). 

Or, 361 decides to drop a Pro version of this shoe with beefed-up torsional support. Which seems way more probable. As long as the Pro version isn’t wildly more expensive, this will probably be the safest bet.

If we get a version of the 361 AG 4 with improved torsional support and a price tag no higher than $115, it would be one of the best shoes of the year, and most likely, one of the biggest bangs for your buck.

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  1. They don’t sell the AG4 in my true US size, does that mean I should size up, or does that mean I should give up on trying to get them?

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