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AND1 Attack 3.0 Review

AND1 Attack 3.0 English Review

AND1 Attack 3.0 Spanish Review

AND1 Attack 3.0

The AND1 Attack and the Attack 2.0 were great hoop shoes, but the Attack 3.0 might just be the best of them all. Expect great cushioning and traction.

Colorway: Black Pearl

Release Date: 2023

Price: $129

Total Score
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AND1 has been killing it with the re-launch of the brand to celebrate its 30th anniversary. One of the biggest highlights of their relaunch has been the introduction of their latest performance model, which surprisingly is designed for indoor hoops, and not for outdoor play, their typical bread and butter.

After making an impressive return in 2018 to performance basketball with the AND1 Attack and the AND1 Attack 2.0, the legendary street ball brand improves upon those models with the AND1 Attack 3.0. But let’s jump into the review to see exactly why this shoe is so good.

AND1 Attack 3.0 Traction

The Attack 3.0 comes equipped with, depending on the colorway, a solid rubber outsole, a combo translucent/solid outsole, or a fully translucent outsole. No matter what setup you choose, the rubber is tacky and sticks to the court like no one’s business. That sole is etched with a polygonal, herringbone-esque, traction pattern

that offers excellent multidirectional coverage which has you covered, no matter what move you want to pull on court. Now, that rubber (no matter what type of rubber it is) is on the soft side, which means that this isn’t going to be a great outdoor option, which is weird coming from THE streetball brand, but, it’s all good.

AND1 Attack 3.0 Cushioning

This is the most comfortable cushioning setup we have ever had from an AND1 shoe. The Attack 3.0 offers a very bouncy and soft cushioning setup that is unlike anything we have seen before from AND1. What is featured on the Attack 3.0 is a dual-density TPU foam midsole. We have a more firm and responsive carrier foam

and two softer foam units in the heel and forefoot. This combination allows the shoe to retain court feel and stability, but with a great amount of compression and impact protection.

AND1 Attack 3.0 Materials

The Attack 3.0 is built like most modern hoop shoes nowadays. We have a primarily textile upper with some synthetic leather paneling in the heel. In the forefoot, we have a softer textile material and in the midfoot, we have a more rigid ripstop-style material.

All this warps around an internal booty sleeve and the whole setup is very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable and should perform well on court, and require no break-in time. We also have a couple of TPU pieces along the midsole for added stability and torsional support.

One really nice detail is the extra eyelet at the end of the lacing system that is placed on the synthetic leather portion of the shoe. This has been used on AND1s previous Attack models, and it is a feature that adds a ton of containment to the shoe. This leads us into our next category nicely…

AND1 Attack 3.0 Support

Support and containment on the Attack 3.0 is on point. Aside from the synthetic leather heel panel which draws your heel into the back of the shoe and keeps it there on court, we also have lace cables along both sides of the midfoot, TPU stability units on the midsole, a very wide and stable forefoot, and that cushioning.

True support in basketball shoes comes when the footwear and the foot work in tandem, and when your shoe conforms perfectly to your foot. With that in mind, you can’t ask much more from the Attack 3.0 in terms of containment and stability.

AND1 Attack 3.0 Fit

The AND1 Attack 3.0 fits true to size so go with whatever size you use in other models. It’s a snug 1 to 1 fit, so just keep that in mind if you have had issues with this type of fit in the past.

AND1 Attack 3.0 Overall

The Attack 3.0 is a very nice, and very comfortable hoop shoe. Traction and cushioning are clearly the highlights of this model. If you’re a younger hooper looking for a great shoe from a different brand this is a great pick. Or if you are a long-time fan like myself wondering if these pack a performance punch, rest assured that they do.

One might have expected a more robust outdoor-specific model from this legendary streetball brand, but as far as modern indoor basketball shoes go, this is an excellent shoe. It’s great to see AND1 putting out high-performance hoop shoes once again.

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