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adidas D Lillard 2 Performance Review

adidas killed it with the D Lillard 2…

adidas D Lillard 2 Performance Review 1Traction – Continental rubber is used for the outsole, which is tire rubber, but dust was still an issue — albeit a small one. The pattern itself is the culprit. It’s just too tight. Remove every other groove and I think it would have worked out a bit better. Not to say the traction was bad…if it was then I would immediately dislike the shoe, which I don’t.

If the floor is clean then you’re more than good to go. Moderate dust and you’ll have to maintain wiping the outsole clean every so often. If there is heavy dust, like what you’ll find at 24 Hour Fitness, then it’ll adhere to the outsole within the tight grooves causing some slippage.

With all that being said, I still enjoyed the traction a ton. I stuck to the floor more than I slipped, and with a quick wipe you’re good to go. I wouldn’t use them outdoors just because the tread pattern is thin, but Continental rubber is pretty sturdy so you may be fine either way. If you have played in the D Rose 6 and enjoyed their traction, then you’ll enjoy these as well.

adidas D Lillard 2 Performance Review 2Cushion – adidas has implemented their new BOUNCE cushion into the D Lillard 2, and I freaking love it. Yes, they feel like they have some bounce to them. The cushion feels very similar to Under Armour’s Micro G, so if you have played in Micro G then that’s what you can expect with these. It’s full length, it’s comfortable, it protects against impact, it still allows for solid court feel…and it’s $105 dollars. What. The. F***. Yeah, if you hoop and you don’t try out the D Lillard 2 then something is wrong with you.

adidas D Lillard 2 Performance Review 3Materials – This might be my favorite part of the shoe besides the cushion. adidas has utilized a Jacquard material for most of the upper. The shoes retail for $105. Nike and Jordan Brand use the same materials and charge anywhere between $170-$225. Why pay more when you can get something that is the same for less? The materials are soft, supportive, and require zero break-in time. There are other materials used, but they are insignificant compared to the woven.

Now, I will say that only the ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ colorways use the material. At least to my knowledge. The other colorways that we’ve seen leak seem to use what looks to be a synthetic leather upper. I’d personally go with the Jacquard. It’s the best bang for your buck.

adidas D Lillard 2 Performance Review 4Fit – I personally feel they fit 1/2 big; they didn’t feel too wide, but they ended up feeling a bit long. Trying them on will ensure you have the best fit for you.

Lockdown is literally perfect. The heel counter does it’s job perfectly, keeping your heel in place to avoid potential injuries. The lacing structure at the collar draw your ankle and heel into said heel counter — working in tandem with one another. There are midfoot lockdown straps made of rubber that work perfectly. The shoes fit and feel so perfect on-foot that I can’t believe that they’re an adidas model. adidas has had a track record, over the past few years, with their shoes where in they just fit weird at times. These don’t have that feeling. Once you’re in the shoe, you’re going to love them.

adidas D Lillard 2 Performance Review 5Support – Like I mentioned above, the lockdown was nearly flawless which means their support is nearly flawless as well. They provide you with all the support you could want out of a shoe without feel restrictive at all.

The lacing system and heel counter work so well that it’s almost like a toddler’s carseat. It might look bulky and cumbersome, but when you’re strapped into it you’re good to go. Not that I remember what it’s like to be strapped into a toddler’s car seat…it’s just how I feel when I look back at my son in the car. The seat looks like a beast, but you know he’s comfortable and safe. I suppose that is the perfect way to describe the Lillard 2’s…you just feel comfortable and safe while wearing them.

adidas D Lillard 2 Performance Review 6Overall – I absolutely love these shoes. Yes, I like them more than the D Rose 6. No, BOUNCE is not BOOST. However, just because BOOST is the best cushion system around, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options that you’ll be just as happy with. The materials, the lockdown, the support…the shoe is fing awesome. Really. Fing. Awesome.

I seriously can’t believe these are only $105. This might be the best bang for you buck shoe I’ve ever played in. They offer premium features for half the price of competitors’ offerings. They even cost less than adidas’s own D Rose 6 — and I feel it’s a better all-around shoe.

If you are serious about finding a great shoe to play in without breaking the bank then the adidas D Lillard 2 should be at the top of your list to check out. Had the shoe released in time to have been considered as a Top Performance Pick of 2015 then they would have knocked my #1 pick(s) down to #2.

adidas d lillard 2 performance review score

      1. Nightwing please help. I play basketball for about 3 hours per day and everyday. I wanted these to last for 7 months. Is the woven upper durable enough to last that long

        1. That is asking a lot from any shoe if you’re talking indoors and pretty much impossible if you are talking outdoors. Say you play 25 times a month, three hours each time, that’s 75 hours a month, 525 hours of hoops in a shoe. A $105 shoe that means you’re paying about 20 cents an hour.

      2. Do you think the outsole will last longer if i took this outdoors
        ’cause i play 2 times in a week
        please i need your reply thank you peace! 🙂

      1. Having a low top shoe has nothing to do with rolling your ankle. It all starts from the ground up! I think nightwing has talked about it before. Unless your wearing the Ektio with built in ankle support the height really doesn’t make a difference. Do you think a brand would put a NBA player at risk of height of the shoe caused the ankle to roll? To each his own though because in the end it’s all about peace of mind.

    1. How would this compare with the Anta KT1? I’m trying to decide as I am a shooting guard who does a lot of fast breaks and jumpstop shots. Which one would you reccommend?

      1. Dont get any Anta shoes bro, I picked one pair of Anta shoes last year and i been regret ever since(they are very cheap through, cost me around 200RMB during the promotion which is 35 US dollars).
        The one i got has literary no technology on it. The cushion is horrible and the material is wack. I dont know the name of my shoes but i tried the CT one, the cushion is bad as well.

  1. Wow high praises for the shoe NW. Just 2 questions does the shoe play like a mid or a low and do you think the year of the Monkey upper is synthetic leather or Jacquard?

    1. They feel like a mix. I prefer lows and these were just fine for me. I think other colorways use synthetic leather, which I think is a mistake. This upper is the way to go.

      1. Yeah I also prefer playing in lows too. You said the aways would use jacquard so I guess ii`ll just wait for that one.

    1. IMO, it depends!

      Boost is more soft, but I think it is lack of responsiveness rather than bounce. I am not saying boost is bad, it still the best cushion IMO.
      You can say bounce is a firm version of boost.

  2. using continental rubber, kinda like babolat using michelin rubber for their tennis shoes. i would think these would be awesome outdoor like the babolats but then again these are basketball shoes.

  3. Wow, I’m most surprised by the fit. Too bad this sick colorway is sold out. Hope the new colors are of this material.

  4. Great performance review man. These sound freaking amazing. 105 is insane and like you said when they go on discount they’ll be a steal.

  5. I usually stop at one or two pairs of a particular model. This may be the first where I get multiple pairs. Aesthetics, performance, and the low cost makes it a killer shoe. Thanks for the review!

  6. This color way had a very limited release, with a full release to come late this month / beginning of February. Will be an instant cop!

  7. That top view shot is really appealing. I love the lacing system on these, as they also have an overall volleyball feel.

    So Nightwing, I understand that you are a perimeter oriented player, but do you do any post work at all? If so, how do these feel with your back to the basket? Let’s say when you do a drop step or reverse pivot back into the lane, or coming down after a board then shifting to throw the outlet, does the heel stay snug on those sort of movements? For those of us who do the dirty work, this is kind of important.

    1. I have some minor post moves, but they’re more like fake post moves. Where I’ll back down into the post, pivot then pull up for a short range jump shot. Sometimes the move is performed quicker, sometimes slower. But I wouldn’t consider it a real post move. The shoe was just fine during those moves. The heel counter and lacing lockdown is fantastic.

    2. Finally! Someone who gets it. Heel lockdown very well might be the attribute that is most important to me.

  8. I wonder if I should cop these right away or wait for the all star colorway?? That one has a prime knit upper and boost (at least in the heel)!!

      1. I feel like those would be just boost with no bounce, and id rather have bounce full lentgh than boost in the heel

      1. NW What if Adidas put Bounce in the forefoot and Boost in the heel for a small price increase to 110-115? Do you think you would cop those? You did say you would consider another pair? DLillard 2.5?

  9. How well does the upper stay clean (since it is a white woven upper)? I know you don’t personally care if you’re shoes get dirty but I don’t like my shoes looking COMPLETELY trashed lol

  10. A could’ve-been Number 1? Wow. Just left to wonder if the ASG model will inadvertently be a step backwards. Materials and fit are already rated so high here, but the CL2015 tooling that seems to be reused for the ASG had unfavorable traction and cushion reliant on adding an insole from another shoe.

    Great review as always, and thanks for the heads up on sizing.

    1. VERY GOOD POINT! Especially that I hated the CL2015 cushion. The plush heel and firm forefoot gave me shin splints.

  11. Are these the same Bounce used on the Adidas TS Bounce when they had Dwight wearing Adidas?? or is it a new tech??

  12. I hooped in these and recommended them to my friend but he bought kobe x elites instead for over 200$. SMH, brand over performence just kills me sometimes

    1. Hey man did you go TTS? Nightwing said they are 1/2 big but I like a bit of wiggle room and not a full snug fit so what should I go with? 11.5 or 12?

  13. wow! A huge leap forward since the first Lillards. Definitely gonna cop when I go to America by end of January as shoe prices tend to be overly priced here.

      1. It is like other woven uppers. The name comes from a process that makes weaving fancy patterns easier. As can be seen, the pattern on the D Lillard 2s is rather intricate. Thanks for the review Nightwing! You’ve got me hyped for the general release and the colorways to come.

  14. I have to add this to my list now! Curious, if Nike/JB have backed off sending you shoes based on your opinion of their high prices and mediocre quality.

  15. Man you have been convincing me to go adidas since your last drose6 review. And to be honest there is no regret in me following your advice and reviews. Will have to get this after my xeno drose6. Nightwing you should have a look at the textile mesh or somekind they use on the xeno pack and i can assure you your mind will be blown again. Too bad adidas shoe price here in my country is in the same range of the swoosh so you will tend to not try adidas to avoid being different. its your review that made me go out of the box and thanks for that man keep up the good work!

    1. Yep I have to agree the xeno mesh made the drose6 so much better to play in. I love mine way better than the synthetic away version

    2. How do the Xeno’s fit? I’m thinking about grabbing a pair of both them and the lillards but I’m curious if the both fit half a size big?

      1. I found the Lux at TTS to have some snugness left to be desired, so I went half size down with the Xeno.

        Lengthwise, it’s way better imo. My toes have that sweet spot bit of space before the tip of the shoe. Width is where it’s a close call. The Xeno upper is softer so it won’t create pressure points, but if you’re remotely wider than the norm (whatever that metric is), toes might start feeling crammed.

        Half size down is WAY better IF the width is in agreement. Some people complain of heel slip with the shoe in general, and the closer setup of half size down does away with it for me. The round laces are better too imo.

        1. I got the crazy light boost 2015 in siZe 7, with i guess half inch to and inche allowance bfre the to box. Do you think I should get the sme size with the dame 2. Considering i have a bit of a wide foot. Just a bit haha. Thanks

  16. Hey Nightwing, I know you also like knit uppers, what do you think about the primeknit version coming out for all star weekend? Is it gonna be worth the wait? thanks!

  17. These vs Jordan XX9s? I have flat feet and overpronate and I found the Jordans quite uncomfortable despite them being your number one picks for the year. I ordered a pair of Drose 6s as per your suggestion for cushion. Think these will be even better?

  18. I was looking forward to buying drose 6, but I might have to buy these instead. I wasn’t a fan of how it looks and the colorway at first but it has grown on me. I would even wear them casually. It’s cheaper too! I just hope they won’t raise the price here in the Philippines.

    1. Wait for it to go in the outlets/on sale. There’s no shortage of Lillards here in the RP.

      At $105 (About Php 4,900 before taxes), this is a steal. Unless you can find one of the Top Picks for 2015 for less.

  19. I am stuck between getting a pair of these or the XX9. These are 105 and the XX9 are 140. Which one would you guys get? I do play at my college gym, so the courts get pretty dirty by the end of the semester and starts slipping.

  20. You Madahfahka – now I need these Bizzwacks I want to wait for the Chi sneeze new year black cw and now I want these. I have a question u Madahfahka, can you compare these to the Rose 773 4’s or that adidas lightem up 4 – there’s another shoe I saw on eBay that is al Jaquardeded upper that has bounce in it. Run a comparison on that shit cause there even cheaper. Nike new shot is shit IMO that means very little

  21. The shoe looks good but that heel counter does a major disservice to the shoe (the logo is pretty ugly as well). Maybe if these go on sale for $60 I’ll pick them up, but at $105, I can’t get over that heel!!

    1. What is wrong with the heel?? Also if u can’t pick them up because of 1 thing aesthetic thing u don’t love at $105 u better never cop a Nike or a Jordan with 1 small aesthetic u don’t like because those will never be this inexpensive.

  22. Hi Nightwing, I just need your opinion. I m planning to get the d rose 6, but from your performance review, it seems that the Lillard 2 is better. What would you recommend? the d rose 6 or the Lillard 2?

    1. I’d recommend either of the two depending on your needs. The Rose 6 has a massive amount of cushion, and the shoe is structured as such. The softer materials on the Lillard offer a much more natural feeling ride and fit which I prefer.

  23. Hey Nightwing are going to have a performance review of the All-Star Colorway? Coz the colorway has Boost in it. If Adidas send you one?

  24. I’m going to need a new shoe this summer, I think I’ll look no further than this shoe and especially this colourway. I’m excited, I’m gonna go knock over a plant now.

  25. Hey nightwing, is the bounce cushion will also be use on forefoot section? I mean boost on the heel section then the rest was bounce?

  26. Hey nightwing, is the bounce cushion will also be use on forefoot section? I mean boost on the heel section then the rest was bounce in the aurora borealis version?

  27. dang I already copped the drose 6 mesh, and I love the cushion, absolutely love it. But I’ve always played in lows or lowish mids, and the bulk of the drose 6 (while not intrusive while playing) is just something I haven’t gotten used to yet. These look amazing for 105
    Maybe I’ll get a pair when they get discounted…

  28. whoa. I guess the real downside of this shoe is just their weight(15.01 oz). Do/did anyone have problem with the weight? Nightwing?

    1. I know right?? These are almost the same weight as the rose 6 and I think those are too heavy that’s why I didn’t like it.

  29. I like how Dame gave everyone links to the review. Makes me believe that the athlete really cares for the consumer. At 105, these are a massive steal.

    1. That was very unexpected and very cool of him. He believes in the product which is pretty apparent. He was the same way with the Lillard 1, even though it wasn’t a great shoe. It was his shoe and he was proud of it.

  30. Nightwing,

    I don’t know too much about BOUNCE cushion, but are they likely to bottom out much like Lunarlon? Also, how likely is this continental rubber traction to last playing with them outdoors?

    Thank you for your help! I’ve been a loyal following for 5 years now!

    1. Unlikely. Bounce is pretty dense. Lunar is fairly fluffy feeling in comparison. Lunar in the Kobe X and XI are more on the dense side, but still fluffy compared to Bounce.

  31. Nightwing, one quick question on the jacquard versions of the shoe: will there be any other coloways of the shoe that will feature this material excluding the general release of your color way? Also, is the material around the ankle jaquard loose at all?After seeing this review im really excited for this shoe lol
    Thank you

  32. Wait a second did Nightwing just say BOUNCE is better than BOOST. If not then how did these top the drose 6’s????

  33. I live in Australia and I’m ordering online from Footlocker. Should I get the D Lillard 2 for $105 or the Kyrie 2 for $116 I’m a point guard/shooting guardwho can’t jump too high. I just can’t decide please help me.

    1. Hey bro also live in Oz and play a lot of ball. If you like cushion like me who is a bit older then go with the Lillards. But if you play fast and rely on dribbling or first step to beat your guard then I guess go with the Kyries

  34. You should add a category starting now called “bang for your buck” or something along those lines. So if a shoe is great like the 29 but quite expensive it would score lower on that section then the d lillard 2 which is $120 cheaper and also a great performer.

  35. hey nightwing, great job and greetings from greece.

    Just one question, in the review you don’t mention about the traction in outdoor courts and how durable in an outdoor use. I respect your opinion because from your reviews you help me to bought two pairs one is nike prime hype df 2 and the other is nike soldier 9. Your reviews are very helpful.

    1. Hey bro he did say that outsole is made from Continental rubber which is usually used for tires so it might be fairly durable

    2. i would imagine that the durability on outdoor courts would not be great….i’ve never used ‘continental rubber’, but from holding the shoe in hand, the grooves are REALLY thin, and the rubber is actually much softer than you would think when you imagine what tire rubber would feel like…i would also imagine that the congested pattern would trap a lot of dust and debris outside…one advantage, though, is that the pattern is deeper this year than the pattern on the lillard 1, which, despite having wider grooves, wore away in almost no time because of how shallow they were

  36. Weartesters does have a bang for your buck list. I don’t know about desktop, but if you are on the mobile version of the site, at the top right of the page it says menu. Click that drop down menu, and go to “Top Performance Picks.” It’ll take you to a page where it lists the top 5 shoes for the quick, top 5 for the powerful, and then a top 5 bang for your buck.

  37. I was wondering if the black history month colorway had a jacquard upper just like the rip city and away colorway.

  38. Hey Nightwing, I was wondering if the d lillard 2 materials are durable. Will they last like a year or 2? Are these wide foot friendly?

  39. Hey NW, Im just wondering if these Lillards are suitable for wide foot and does it need a lot of breaking-in in it? I’ve got both Zoom Soldier VIII(11.5) and IX (11) and both of those shoes had me on pain the first time I used it, all need a lot of time to break in

  40. Hi, can Nightwing or someone explain to me why he doesn’t like synthetic leather upper. Can you give the advantages and disadvantages to both synthetic leather and jaquardeded. Durability, comfort etc. I really want to buy the year of the monkey version so i would like to know thanks.
    Also what other shoe uses synthetic leather upper?

  41. Just saw D. Lillard 2.0 BOOST W/ PRIMEKNIT $115 at Adidas website. Would that now be the best version of D. LILLARD 2.0?

  42. Hey Nightwing,
    I’ve been wondering that is the D lillard 2 with bounce or with boost better. I’ve been seeing the new color on the D Lillard 2 and it had a boost set up instead of a bounce (the one with the primenit upper the purple color). I’m planning on buying them but I’m not sure if I should get the bounce or the boost, please help me decide.

    1. The boost setup on the all star is boost on the heel and adiprene + on the fore foot. Compare to the D lillard 2’s (home and away) colorway it have a full bounce setup. I’ve used the all star one and its like wearing a CL2015 with a D lillard logo. I reckon NW would say that it’s better to have a full setup bounce compare to a boost heel then a adiprene+ forefoot(Its only my opinion). (but he didn’t say that bounce is better than boost)

  43. Hey NW,today was my first day training in the away colorway… They did awsome. First shoe in a while that I’ve put on and forfot completely about them when playing. They are super comfy, traction is superb, cushion is responsive and protective. I usually play in the curry 2 which I love but the lillard is a little less restrictive being that it’s a mid but the support is awsome. So far these things are “BEAST” as you would say.

  44. Would the HyperRev 2016 took the first place over the D Lillard 2 for a kinda low-top and the improved cushioning?

  45. I think we need to begin penalizing shoes for having good traction only under pristine conditions: Perfectly clean, leve, waxed, indoor floors. In the real world, it’s hardly ever the case. Judging a shoe in “perfect” conditions doesn’t tell us how it really performs. Perhaps a rating system for traction:

    Indoor: Clean floors
    Indoor: Dusty floors

    Then factory this into the score

  46. hey nightwing,
    i’ve made the switch from jordan to these , but in the all-star c/w
    looking forward to playing in them though, my heel/ankle felt really locked in, i havent tested them out fullspeed though, so will be interesting,

  47. Hey nightwing, I know that the Curry 1 lows and these are the same price, but which one do you consider the better shoe?

  48. I just bought my pair, and played in them twice now. I play on moderate dusty court, and I used to play in my Curry 2 before I bought Lillard 2. Comparing to my Curry 2. I find the traction isn’t too good. It attracts dust way to easy. I went half a size down like suggested, but still the lockdown is just not as good as I expect it to be. There’re always feet slippage in the shoes, which I don’t like. I feel like it’s the material of the insole which caused the slippage. And even though the bounce cushion is good for impact protection. The shoes as low top shoes are way too high off the ground with the thick bounce midsole. During lateral movement, I don’t feel as safe as I was in my Curry 2. I even rolled my ankle once, not pleasant experience. With the feet slippage combined with the high off the ground insecure feeling, it really limit my movements.

  49. hey nightwing, I was looking for a pair earlier but all I could find were the all star aurora borealis version. they had boost at the heel area. I was really hoping for the away colorway with the original setup of full length bounce. ended up getting the curry 2 instead. any idea whether the boost setup is better compared to the bounce setup?

    1. The boost setup on the all star is boost on the heel and adiprene + on the fore foot. Compare to the D lillard 2’s (home and away) colorway it have a full bounce setup. I’ve used the all star one and its like wearing a CL2015 with a D lillard logo. I reckon NW would say that it’s better to have a full setup bounce compare to a boost heel then a adiprene+ forefoot. (but he didn’t say that bounce is better than boost)

  50. When it comes to the synthetic leather on the Chinese New Year and mi adidas, do you think you should still go down half a size or go true to size? I would imagine synthetic leather would be stiffer and tighter than the jacquard

  51. Hey Nightwing, the home colorway is nowhere to be found. Do you know if there is going to be another release for them?

  52. Just called my local footlocker. The manager said the Lillard 2 home colorway was recalled due to defects. A re-release was scheduled but may not even happen now? I’m gonna try and wait a few weeks otherwise going to pick up the away blacks.

  53. I wish people would stop criticizing nightwing for his reviews it’s his experience with the product. I tried the Lillard 2 and they are comfortable. All our feet and body react differently to different shoes. He has an influence on us because he reviews the products as honest as he can. The last used in all shoes are standard and they can not customize it to your feet these are masses produced. Which cushion to choose from depends on your experience. Btw nightwing you have influence on the interest if the Lillard 2 s I tried it because it’s value for money and in my case you are right. It’s selling because Lillard is playing so we’ll also. So props to you

  54. Btw getting sneaks is a passion now whether you play good during the game has some influence on what sneaker you wear but the reality is if you want to get better practice and know your limitations. Great players grew up wearing chuck Taylor’s, adidas superstars and clunky grant hill ones. They did all those moves despite bad traction minimal cushion and no support because they love the game so stop knit picking and play. And be appreciate the part that you ballers have very comfortable and supportive shoes. And the money to pay for them

  55. Hi Nightwing, saw your review on this shoe so I decided to purchase it . I tried both size 8.5 and 9 although I noticed that the arch of these shoes are kinda low, and so I am feeling tightness around that area of my foot but not so much that it is uncomfortable. 9 is a bit too long so I ended up with the 8.5. My question is that will that part of the shoe loosen up a bit over the course of playing in them? Thank you so much and keep those reviews coming. Thank you.

    1. If you mean they’re a bit snug at the arch then it should stretch a little, but that might depend on the material. If its the fabric uppers then it’ll break-in quickly. If its the synthetic leather upper then it’ll take a little longer.

  56. Anyone got their 1st laceloop straps snap/break on them when tightening the shoes? Seems to be a common problem.

  57. Hey Nightwing, need a little help with the fit here.

    I have unfortunately pretty wide feet, which makes it hard for me to buy any shoes generally. I am though however now wearing a Melo M8, which you have also reviewed. I took size 44.5 and I am pretty happy with the fit. What size would you then recommend then with the D. Lillard 2? Also 44.5 or should I size down?

  58. hey nightwing,

    Thanks for all your reviews. They’re great as always.
    I just purchased the home colorway for less than $100 and I can’t wait to play in them. One thing I’ve noticed is that the “continental” logo was missing on the sole of the home colorway and it appeared in other colorways that I’ve tried. Seems like the home colorway’s sole may not be continental rubber afterall. I bought it anyways cuz it’s the only pair that has my size. For less than $100bucks, there isn’t really anything to complain about.

  59. Hey Nightwing Florist city, home, or away? Wanted the statics, but none in korea. in ur opinion, what shud i get?

  60. Hey Nightwing, I am customing the D Lillard 2 and I want to put icy bottoms. I have heard that the customized icy bottoms aren’t made by continental rubber. My question is, do you think a translucent outsole and a change in ripper compound will make a difference in preformance? Thanks

  61. so primeknit is the adidas equivalent to nike flyknit and jacquard is the material used on the xx9, is this correct?

  62. Hi Nightwing, I was just wondering, do you think the “playoff” version is worth spending the extra cash? I know boost is the “best” cushioning but it is sectioned (forefoot adiprene I’m guessing) as opposed to full length bounce- which is still a “great” cushion. I’m curious as to whether you think the playoff model will play better than the regular model or not. Thanks in advance, huge fan of your work 🙂

  63. So I have to disagree with those who say boost is the best cushioning. Bounce is by far much better. I hated the D Rose 6. Shoes never fit right and boost kept sinking in heel and felt awkward. The D lillard 2s now come in bounce and boost versions. After trying on both, definitely Bounce was a better feel hands down. I went a half size down due to toe length. Footbed a bit narrow but lockdown is tight. Will test these on the court and update after. I have high hopes for this shoe. The UA Clutchfit 1 Micro G for me sets the standard.

  64. So just an update: I tested the Bounce version on the court and I love these shoes. Very comfortable with no break in time needed. It feels like the UA Micro G Clutchfit 1’s in a low top version with less traction but more breathability. Note these shoes are more like like low tops then mid so no real ankle support. But the containment is beast with no heel slippage. The inner compression liner is so tight that you don’t even need the laces to play in these. The materials are really nice and I went 1/2 size down for a nice fit and still had toe wiggle room. Probably the only weakness of this shoe is the traction which is just average. You will have to wipe down every so often. I think the D Rose 6 had better traction but I would pick these up any day over the D rose. I think this shoe is a game changer for Adidas. Don’t sleep on these!

  65. How does the BOUNCE version of this shoe compare to the BOOST version of the same shoe? Which version of the shoe do you prefer and why?

  66. If I wear an 8 in the d rose 773 4 and it’s snug, What should I get in the d lillard 2 for a snug fit?

  67. Mr nightwing isnt it that the rip city or home colorway does not use continental rubber, from the pictures it does not look like it has its branding on the medial side right below the bounce, like the road colourway or away

    Thank you

  68. i got some but im size 13 but my feet are wide and fat and i wear the thick socks so i decided to get size 14 is that a good idea or bad

  69. I am not able to try them on in store, should wide footers go .5 size up or stay true to size with the jacquard material? I was only able to try on the synthetics version true to size & it was tight, but wasn’t sure if the materials would make a difference for fit. Thanks!

  70. I know it’s 2017, but I was in need of volleyball shoes the other day. My Mizunos are effectively dead and the newer models are waaay expensive. So I bought a pair of these instead because they were on sale (last size left. Yay!). I’ll find out later if they’re any good inside the court. They feel so much better than Mizunos though. Or it could just be me. I have a pair of d rose engelwoods that I’ve played volleyball in before and they held up really well.

  71. Hey NW, I have Crazylight boost 2016 in 11.5 i am usually 12, (but 12.5 in KD8), I wanna get this shoes, do you think they fit like crazylight boost 2016 but narrower?

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