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adidas Trae Young 3

The adidas Trae Young 3, Trae Young’s striking new signature shoe, is a huge improvement on the previous model.

Release Date: 2023

Price: $140

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The adidas Trae Young 2 was a very disappointing model, so much so that we didn’t even bother testing them with a full on court performance review. The adidas Trae Young 3, on the other hand, looks like it will be a very solid basketball shoe in terms of performance and a huge improvement on the 2.

adidas decided to totally revamp the Trae Young signature line: new look, new tech, and even a new logo. So, if you were expecting to get hints of the previous 2 models in this shoe, we’re sorry to say that you will find none of that here. What you will find is a funky-looking, seemingly 3D-printed, signature shoe that was constructed to cater to Trae Young’s playing style. So let’s get into the review and see exactly what the Trae Young 3 has to offer.

adidas Trae Young 3 Tech Specs:

adidas Trae Young 3 Traction

adidas Trae Young 3 Traction

Traction on the Trae Young 3 can be defined with one word: grippy. The outsole features two different types of rubber and two different traction patterns. We have a solid rubber portion in the forefoot with a wavy nubbed pattern, and the rest of the sole is translucent and features a tried and true herringbone. This setup offers great multidirectional coverage and grips the court superbly.

The two drawbacks of this setup are its durability and its propensity to accumulate dust. The sole will hold up fine if you use the Trae Young 3 exclusively indoors, but it will get worn down quickly outdoors. And, because the traction lines are so close together, they will tend to pack in dirt and will need periodical cleaning on less clean surfaces.

adidas Trae Young 3 Cushion

adidas Trae Young 3 cushion

The Trae Young 3 reportedly was going to feature a mix of Lightstrike and Boost, but in the end what we have is a brand-new, wedge-shaped, foam cushioning setup that was designed specifically for this model. It does feel Lightstrike-adjacent, but it is its own new style of foam. The setup is reactive and bouncy and keeps you very low to the ground as you play.

The sensation of underfoot is very similar to another adidas model from the past, the adidas Harden Vol 4. If you have played in shoes you know what to expect. This is all good news for lighter, more nimble players, but for bigger hoopers that need a bit more extra protection, this won’t be the shoe for you.

adidas Trae Young 3 Materials

adidas Trae Young 3 materials

Materials are pretty nice, all things considered. The Trae Young 3 features a primarily textile upper, with some fuse and neoprene details. The main textile is micromesh and is reminiscent of jaquard, a high-quality, lightweight textile adidas has used a lot in the past (most notably on the Dame 2) and it’s as good as a textile can get.

The upper will take some time to break in, however, because it relies on a layer construction to add all the containment that a guy like Trae Young needs. Once it does, that jaquard-like material conforms well to your foot. It’s lightweight and provides really nice containment on court.

One nice detail is the heel sculpting. The shoe features substantial heel pillows that will help keep your heel locked in and boost that 1 to 1 fit.

adidas Trae Young 3 Support

adidas Trae Young 3 support

Support was clearly a focal point while designing the Trae 3, and it might be the shoe’s best feature. Trae Young has had ankle issues in the past, so a stable and secure-feeling shoe is probably exactly what he needs and wants. The shoe features a very wide base, with those pseudo-3D-printed portions of the midsole that protrude out and act as light outriggers.

The sole is wavy, but, when you put them on and apply pressure, you will get a lot of contact area between you and the court.

Through the translucent portions of the sole, we can also see a “Y” shaped torsional plate that extends slightly into the forefoot of the shoe, so you’ll get a good amount of torsional rigidity, and a slight spring plate effect as well.

Lace cables are placed on either side of the midfoot to boost containment and lateral stability, and lastly, we have the heel of the shoe. Aside from the heel pillows we mentioned, the Trae 3 has a substantial external heel counter. Both of these together will provide very secure and stable scaffolding for your ankle.

adidas Trae Young 3 Fit

adidas Trae Young 3 fit

The adidas Trae Young 3 fits true to size, so go with whatever size you usually use with adidas. If you were looking for a SUPER snug 1 to 1 fit, you could go down half a size, but make sure to try them on in-store if that’s what you are looking for.

adidas Trae Young 3 Overall

adidas Trae Young 3 overall

The adidas Trae Young 3 is a massive improvement in regards to Trae Young 2. It’s a quick, light, reactive, and grippy shoe that also boasts top-tier lockdown and stability. This makes it a very solid performance basketball shoe, but it also makes it one of those shoes that just won’t be everybody’s cup of tea.

If you are an agile, springy player who doesn’t require much impact protection and enjoys a fast and secure ride on court, all packaged in a pretty outlandish design, the Trae Young 3 will be perfect for you.

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