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Anta KT 6 Performance Review

It’s time to break down the performance of the Anta KT 6. Like the Warriors 2020-21 season, this shoe has its positives and negatives. Filled with tons of new tech and a different take on the already great Anta KT line, this shoe has shown that the company has a lot in store for this signature series. The Anta KT6 actually made our list of the top Anta hoop shoes in 2022 and it introduces a lot of potential for the future.

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Since there is a TON of new tech and additions, there was a lot to fit into the write up for this shoe. That being said, take a deep breath, grab your favorite snack and let’s get to it.

Anta KT 6 Traction


The traction on the Anta KT 6 is brand new. In this signature series, Anta used the same traction pattern throughout the first five models. And while this pattern did the job, it was time for something new.

The traction pattern is pretty awesome in my opinion because not only does it work, it also has a pretty cool theme. Anta uses a mountain water or Shanshui (山水) theme in both the upper and outsole of the shoe.

While the traction is mainly made with solid rubber, two areas use translucent rubber. These two pieces are located on the outside and inside of the shoe to cover high-impact areas. While these were the intended use, I did not think they helped much in terms of traction. They did not add any extra grip and weren’t noticeable when I was making any movements while playing. Instead, they offered support as indicated by the mountain formations formed on the side of the shoe by each translucent piece.

The only knock that I had on the traction was the shallow pattern. This pattern will wear down quicker requiring you to need a new pair of shoes sooner. During the 2 to 3 weeks that I wore the shoes, I didn’t notice much wear. Bear in mind that it’s not a long time, so it’s tough to tell what will happen with continual usage. However, based on my weartesting, the traction performed great. I did a bit of minor wiping, but that was mostly due to dusty courts.

Anta KT 6 Cushion


The cushioning on this shoe was hands down amazing. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still some tweaks needed going forward but the tech they introduced in this shoe is definitely something that they should continue going forward.

The cushion itself is pretty complex as it is made up of two newer technologies: Smart S.A.M. and Altiflash.

Smart S.A.M.

Smart S.A.M. is something that I actually was able to try in an Anta runner prior to weartesting the KT 6. This thing is great. Not only is it super responsive and amazing with impact reduction, but this can also be coupled with other cushioning systems. Smart S.A.M. is only found in areas of high impact. For me, this is a huge plus. I don’t love for my basketball shoes to be super bouncy. I love the cushioning to be responsive, but not overdo it. This cushioning really allows you to put the bounce where you need it and avoid overusing it. And trust me, this is something you need to try.


Altiflash is a rendition of A-FlashFoam which we saw on the KT 5. It’s made to be a more durable version of its predecessor without losing the responsiveness that we’ve grown to know and love. A lot of hoopers, especially in China, play both indoors and outdoors making durability extremely important. Since I only wore this shoe for a short while, it didn’t let me find out how durable the cushion really is, but overall I loved the responsiveness and it worked great for me.

Both of the foam components were great and as I said before, this was a highlight on this shoe. I am really excited to see where Robbie Fuller and Anta go with this.

Anta KT 6 Materials



Similar to any shoe brand, the materials vary for different colorways. Bringing a unique feel to each one and allowing hoopers to find materials that work best for them.

With the Rocco colorway, I thought these materials gave me the best fit and feel. Since I live in China, I was able to go to the store and try on different models to find the best one for me. Out of the three that I tried, the synthetic leather upper gave me the closest on-foot fit while also giving me the needed flexibility.

I am someone that loves a snug fit, if you love a little more room in your shoes I would suggest the mesh upper. When I tried these on in-store, they weren’t as tight and left a lot more room for my foot. The fuse upper is something that I thought felt a little too stiff. Chris was able to try a pair of these in his first look video and noted that they didn’t feel too flexible. I felt the same way and eventually settled on the synthetic leather upper.

The tongue is made out of a mesh, however, since it’s layered and isn’t very breathable. So if it’s humid like it is out in Fuzhou, China, you’ll notice it.

Carbon Fiber

Another worthy thing to note is the use of real carbon fiber in the midsole. Layered underneath the cushioning, this is meant to give you more feedback on impact. It’s great to see Anta putting full effort into using the best materials possible. However, I felt that they used too much carbon fiber as it stretched from near the heal, all the way to the ball of the foot. This made it very tough for the bottom of the shoe to move with your foot while jogging up and down the court. Fast and high impact movements felt fine.

There is definitely room for Anta to find ways to implement the carbon fiber piece more effectively. Again, a great idea, just not executed right.

Anta KT 6 Fit


With the KT 6, I was able to go true to size. As mentioned in the materials section, the sizing really felt like it mattered based on what materials were used in the upper. So be wary when buying other colorways as that may change what size you end up getting. With the Rocco colorway that I got, true to size gave me a very snug fit. If you prefer your shoes to be a bit looser, I would recommend going a half-size up.

This shoe includes a strap that goes around the middle of the tongue. The strap, called “Nature Flow”, really doesn’t do much in terms of the fit. A lot of the lockdown of the shoe comes from the lacing system, which does a good job on its own. Honestly, the strap ended up doing more in terms of looks than it did anything else.

Anta KT 6 Support


Support was something I was worried about before weartesting this shoe. Before even trying them on, I heard a lot of first impressions saying they thought the shoes had too much support. So of course, Weartesters needed to get to the bottom of it. The support was actually pretty good. Anta introduced something called 3D hug, which is a TPU piece that goes from the front of the shoe, along the outside, and finished on the inside at the back of the foot.

The TPU at the front of the shoe is a lot softer and allows for more flexibility. Originally, I thought this would bother my foot when moving around, but it ended up being okay and doing what it was supposed to. Helping to keep my foot locked in. As the TPU goes to the back of the shoe, it hardens into a mountain for extra support and lockdown. I also thought this was going to bother me while playing, but I really didn’t notice it at all. Personally, I like a more flexible shoe so I didn’t necessarily love the support in this shoe. However, this is based on personal preference so if you like more support in your shoe, the KT 6 will work great for you.


This shoe surprised me in good and bad ways. The new tech was awesome to try out. It’s going to be amazing to see what Anta does with it going forward. The 3D Flow System, which includes the cushion, carbon fiber, and 3D hug is almost there. The biggest change to me would be to make the shoe more flexible. But again, it’s your preference on how you like your shoes. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good shoe and with a few changes could be a winner. Even so, they made our list of the best high top basketball shoes list.

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Initial Impressions

The Anta KT 6, Klay Thompson’s sixth signature shoe, boasts a radical new design and is now hitting shelves in Asia. Thanks to both Anta and Famuji Sneaker, Chris received the KT 6 and is ready to provide his first impressions and performance preview.

What’s in the video?

In the video, Chris provides detailed information from all the usual categories, providing the in depth information you need. He supplies expert level opinions on the materials, cushioning, traction, support, and fit. Here’s some of what he discusses:

  • Flat, multi-directional traction
  • First time the traction was changed up since the KT 3
  • Carbon fiber shank plate
  • Breathability worries
  • Alti Flash foam?
  • Micro-molded mesh main layer
  • 3D hug = built-in ankle brace?
  • A look at the insole and achilles pillows
  • Is the KT 6 lighter than the LeBron 18?
  • Sizing recommendations

And as an added bonus, Mrs. Wing tells us why she’s not a big fan of midfoot straps. Chris also chimes in about why the KT 6 reminds him of the Nike Morph series from the early 2000s.

Let us know your opinion on the KT 6 on YouTube or Twitter.

Watch the full video by pressing play above or by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

How to Buy the Anta KT 6

The Anta KT 6 is available for $125 at Famuji Sneaker. Use code WEARTESTERS for a small discount.

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