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adidas DON Issue 6: Donovan Mitchell’s Best Shoe To Date?

adidas DON Issue 6

The adidas DON Issue 6 is a very different Don Issue model with a brand new build and tech. There’ a good chance the DON Issue 6 will end up on our list of the best basketball shoes of the year.

Release Date: 2024

Price: $120

Donovan Mitchell’s signature line has been very consistent over the years. Consistent, but not spectacular. Don Issue models are usually solid on-court performers but always seem to be outshined by other performance models on the market. But it seems all of that is about to change thanks to the DON Issue 6.

The Adidas DON Issue 6 has arrived with significant tech updates, as well as a complete aesthetic makeover. This initial colorway may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but as far as on-court performance goes, the DON Issue 6 is a major upgrade. With this model, Adidas has completed its hat trick. The Adidas AE 1, the Harden Vol 8, and now the DON Issue 6 are all elite performers and cater to different playing styles. Now all we need from the three stripes is an outstanding max cushion basketball shoe.

adidas DON Issue 6 Review

adidas DON Issue 6 Tech Specs

adidas DON Issue 6 Traction

Adidas has designed the DON Issue 6’s outsole with a meticulous approach to traction, implementing a radial pattern that covers all primary strike zones used on court. The changes in orientation of the traction pattern are slightly overkill, but it’s nice to see this attention to detail. The outsole is decoupled and features translucent rubber which is on the softer side.

On top of that, the pattern is thin and not deeply set, which means that these won’t be a good outdoor option in terms of durability. Indoors however, the DON Issue 6 has the potential to offer top-tier traction. The traction pattern will offer excellent multidirectional coverage, and the rubber of the outsole is tacky and bites the floor very well. The only concern is that the Issue 6 might tend to pick up dust.

adidas DON Issue 6 Cushion

The midsole of the Don Issue 6 introduces a dual-density setup, featuring Lightstrike Pro foam in the forefoot and regular Lightstrike foam in the heel. Lightstrike is one of those foam cushioning setups that can be great or terrible. In this case, this dual-density setup offers a balanced, reactive ride. It’s not a super plush, cushy setup but light, explosive players should enjoy this configuration.

Again, this setup is another reason why the DON Issue 6 should be kept on softer indoor courts. Impact protection is not this shoe’s strong suit, which is something that you want in a good outdoor basketball shoe. But on a forgiving parquet floor you can expect a low profile, bouncy, and zippy on-court experience.

adidas DON Issue 6 Materials

Materials on the DON Issue 6 are fine and functional, but also nothing to write home about. The upper of the DON Issue 6 utilizes engineered mesh, which will keep the shoe light and breathable and will require little to no break-in time. The Issue 6 features 3 inner straps on either side of the shoe which not only enhance lockdown, but act as a subtle branding element. The upper is reinforced with several fuse panels that add structure and containment to the shoe.

The materials, while not premium, are chosen for their performance attributes and comfort, so there really is nothing to complain about as far as performance goes. But, here at WearTesters, we like to see premium materials mixed into these more modern builds, especially when we’re talking about a signature shoe.

adidas DON Issue 6 Support

Support is a strong point of the DON Issue 6, and when you have a decoupled build like this one, it’s crucial to have proper support features integrated into the shoe. The DON Issue 6 features adidas’ X-frame torsion system, which extends through the outsole and into the forefoot. This structure not only prevents excessive twisting but also acts as a spring plate, providing a snappy, propelling feel during motion.

On top of that we have a substantial TPU clip (that looks like carbon fiber, but is not) that acts like a bridge at the midfoot, so the shoe will not bow when pressure is applied in that area. The engineered mesh upper, combined with the strategic placement of the three straps, ensures a secure fit, keeping the foot locked in place during play. As we’ve mentioned, the upper is also fortified with several fuse panels in high wear areas. Although the materials may not be top-tier, they are sufficient to provide adequate support for hoopers.

adidas DON Issue 6 Fit

Adidas is notorious for inconsistent sizing, but in the case of the DON Issue 6, there are zero issues. The shoe fits perfectly true to size, so go with whatever size you usually use and you should be good to go. Wide footers might want to try them on in-store to ensure a perfect fit.

adidas DON Issue 6 Overall

Adidas is on a roll. They currently offer 3 of the best basketball shoes on the market, each delivering a completely different on-court experience. This is great to see. The DON Issue 6 is the brand’s light, speedy guard shoe, and it’s an excellent example of this style of shoe. With the DON Issue 6 you’ll be getting top tier traction, a springy and agile cushioning system, and top-notch support features all packed into a light and breezy package.

On top of that, the shoe retails for a very reasonable $120. Now, it’s not a good option for outdoor play and heavier hoopers, or those with a more powerful playing style might prefer a more substantial shoe with a more plush cushioning system, but the DON Issue 6 is a great, guard-orientated performance basketball shoe.

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