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You can support us monthly or annually. Annual subscriptions get a 20% discount:

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In 2009, WearTesters was created as a passion project with one goal: to deliver the most accurate information on performance footwear and apparel at no cost to the audience.

In order for us to fund that mission, we’ve used Google Ads, affiliate links, occasional sponsorships, and money out of our own pockets. Those revenue sources have worked ok, but are not always enough to do the amount of reviews we want to do or what the audience requests.

We would love to review more products and let you know our thoughts and opinions, but buying every release is an unattainable goal.

Along the way we’ve had numerous readers and viewers ask how they could better support us. Now, we finally have a way you can directly support us and get something valuable in return.

You can join WearTesters with a monthly or yearly subscription. We’ve created several levels so you can pick the one that makes sense for you:

Blue Team

  • Access to our exclusive WearTesters Discord community
  • Direct access to the entire WearTesters team via Discord channels and DMs
  • Answers to all the sneaker questions you ever wanted to ask
  • Exclusive access to WearTesters open gyms, events, and meetups (if/when applicable)
  • Early access to WearTesters collaborations, merchandise, and other special projects

Gold Team

All the Blue Team benefits, plus:

  • Access to giveaways (Min. 1 per month. We’re talking deadstock sneakers and gift cards.)
  • Monthly voice chat sessions with Chris Chase, “Nightwing2303”. Whatever you want to talk about is fair game…sneakers, movies, nerd stuff, or life. Various WearTesters team members will also make appearances.


All the Blue and Gold Team benefits, plus:

  • WearTesters will follow you on Instagram and Twitter
  • A shout out on Instagram and Twitter (if desired)
  • The option to do an interview that will be posted on WearTesters
  • The option to appear in a WearTesters video

You can support us monthly or annually. Annual subscriptions get a 20% discount:

Blue Team:                           Join for $5/month     Join for $48/year

Gold Team:                           Join for $10/month     Join for $96/year

Adopt-a-WearTester:     Join for $100/month     Join for $960/year


How do I manage my account? Sign in to your account here.

How does payment work? All payments are by credit card or Apple Pay through Memberful with Stripe as the payment processor. Members of all levels will be subscribed to a mailing list we’ll use later for some special surprises. You’ll also receive some email from Memberful regarding your payment and renewals. Your email address and personal information will never be given to anyone for any purpose.

Can I pay a different way? If you’d like to pay via PayPal, crypto, or some other method like pizza or energy drinks, email us and we’ll figure something out.

When will I be charged? You’ll be charged immediately. You will receive a confirmation email, and a separate email granting you access to the Discord community.

Can I give a subscription as a gift? Yes! You can give someone a 1 year subscription at the Blue, Gold, or Adopt-a-WearTester level.

Need to cancel? You can cancel at any time by accessing the account portal.