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Anta KT3 Performance Review

Anta KT3 performance review main

Up next, the Anta KT3 performance review.

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Anta KT3 performance review Traction

Traction on the ANTA KT3 looks like a finger print, à la the Air Jordan XX3, and like other circular patterns, it works wonderfully. When patterns use circles you end up with multi-directional coverage that covers almost any move the wearer can throw at it.

Widely spaced grooves made wiping the outsoles during games a rare phenomen. In fact, it was even rarer on the translucent rubber version even though that outsole attracted the most amount of dust. Not sure why, but I had a slightly better experience in the clear rubbered pair. Not to take anything away from the solid rubber version, which was very good, but this is one of the few times when I can say that the clear-soled version performed a bit better. Same courts and conditions, slightly different results.

Oh, and the new score badge. Basketball players likely already know what All-Star level means in comparison to Starting 5 and Hall of Fame, but just in cased you’re new and are unaware of the ranking system — it means it’s great.

The benched badge is obvious. Sixth Man = Solid. Starting 5 = Good. All-Star = Great. Hall of Fame = Amazing. I will be making a new page with detailed explanations on the badges soon — I’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t had the time just yet. I can’t remember the person’s screen name, but he gave a suggestion and I thought it over. I agreed that something in between Starting 5 and Hall of Fame was now needed so here it is. All-Star baby!

Anta KT3 performance review Cushion

Cushion in the KT3 is very similar to what was used in the KT2. Anta was calling it ANTA-EVE but I’m not sure if that name is still floating around. Implementation is still pretty much the same; Anta uses an EVA midsole with two different density foam pads in the heel and forefoot. The only real difference here is that the heel is double stacked this time around.

In terms of feel, these aren’t as plush or bouncy as the KT2. This time around it feels like the forefoot area heavily focuses on court feel while the heel focuses on impact protection. I don’t use my heel that often but if it ever hits the ground it’d be covered.

There is a noticeable heel to toe drop in the KT3. Most shoes have one but I rarely ever notice it when it comes to basketball shoes. Runners are pretty noticeable but hoop shoes not so much. This didn’t negatively affect things as far as performance or transition, but it was just a little weird at first because it isn’t what I’ve come to expect over the years. You will get used to the feeling pretty quickly, but it was something I feel should be noted.

Anta KT3 performance review Materials

Materials have been very basic for the KT line up until now. While we’ve seen Anta use knitted materials on the KT1 and KT2, the materials were only used on the post season model of the shoe. This time around we get knitted uppers right from the jump — and I love it.

The materials have been durable and comfortable fresh out of the box all while being supportive. The knit is not free of glue and there is nylon backing it, but if you’ve played in the Nike Kobe 10 Flyknit and enjoyed the materials there then you’ll love the materials here because they aren’t as stiff as the Kobes.

Anta KT3 performance review Fit

The KT3 fits true to size and I would recommend going true to size no matter what type of foot shape you have. Extra volume in the toe is present, and while it wasn’t a deal breaker, it’s my one gripe with the shoe. I prefer my shoes to be a little more on the snug side.

While the last used here offers a bit more volume in the toe than what I would have liked, I was still comfortable playing in the shoe. Never did I feel like the fit was sloppy because of it. However, I would have loved it if Anta had used the same last that was used in the KT2 on the KT3.

Yes, the KT2 felt a little suffocating at first but as you broke in the shoe it felt awesome. With the knitted upper I feel the fit would have really benefited the wearer over time as the knit would have stretched around the wearer’s foot to offer a custom-like feel once broken in. Again, this isn’t a deal breaker because the shoe’s overall lockdown is very good, but it’s something that I feel would have made a great shoe even better.

But wait. What about the strap? Well, that part of the shoe is pretty useless. It tightens the ankle collar up ever so slightly but it doesn’t do anything to draw the heel into the back of the shoe and keep it contained — the lacing system does a wonderful job with that all on its own. The strap is pretty much an aesthetic piece but not a functional piece. Maybe not exactly what Anta was going for when it added it to the shoe but it is what it is. In the video I show where I feel the Velcro panels should have been placed to achieve the lockdown I think the brand was going for.

Anta KT3 performance review Support

I have nothing to really complain about with the support in the KT3. Everything you need is there and it all works well. If it wasn’t for the lateral midsole being extended up to contain the forefoot I think the volume in the toe would have become an issue, but luckily it’s there and keeps things under control. Klay Thompson is a shooter, but he’s also much more than that. He’s a lockdown defender and needs to remain mobile while still being supported. This shoe covers all the bases. Whether you’re a mobile player or a spot up shooter, the Anta KT3 will be able to handle whatever you throw at it.

Anta KT3 performance review Overall

The Anta KT3 is a great shoe. My only gripe is that I would have preferred that it fit like the KT2 did with this new material setup, but it isn’t something that will keep me from playing in them again.

Between the Dame 4, Curry 4 and KT3 I have one hell of a lineup to choose from on any given night. Well, that is if I was allowed to wear whatever I wanted instead of moving onto the next shoe to test. First world problems.

Anta KT3 performance review score

  1. The strap seems to just act as a very (very) light brace of sorts if set tight enough, but then you have to put up with unpleasant velcro sounds. Only other issue I have is that the standalone eyelet set at the ankle cut seems delicate to me.

    Overall really comfortable shoe. Indeed there is some volume I wish wasn’t there, especially given the material, but it’s very comfortable. A thicker insole could probably help some.

      1. Get Hot Stay Hot. Was glad it was the first colorway to drop because the colors are something we hardly get from shoes period.

        The strap technically can pull the backside of the collar forward, and therefore tighten it all around. I think if the execution was done better for that purpose, then the lacing wouldn’t have to go so high, and there’s two split lockdown zones — kinda like how the OG HyperRev worked.

  2. I love the work you do!! Keep it up!! You really give great breakdowns on sneakers we love!! #Salute … I have a question tho now that your badges have changed. Does that mean the Kobe 11 EM’s or lows have all star badges on the ratings?

  3. Thanks for including the heel to toe drop comment. What are some recent shoes that have a minimal or zero drop? Maybe the AJ 32s?

  4. What is your experience with the durability of the shoe? I know the KT3s are new, but with the KTs in general, does the line tend to hold up to wear and tear over time?

    1. More specifically, I’m curious as to about how long the shoes last (i.e. wears, months, etc.) before you start to notice a decline in the shoes performance.

  5. Stevie Wonder could see all of the Nike/Jordan and Adidas influence in materials and design in that shoe.

  6. I saw that antas sizing chart is different and it goes from size 9.5 to 10.5, if im a size 10 in US, which size should i go for?

  7. For those that have this shoe, can the Velcro on the ankle be unstitched and removed? I don’t want or need the strap

  8. Would going half a size down reduce the volume in the toe area and create a more snug fit? A couple of other reviewers did just that but NIGHTWING2303’s video said he can’t go down anymore length-wise, but worth trying?

  9. Hello . Nightwing2303 i would like to ask redarding the Anta kt3 playoff colorways.. are they desame with the regular kt3? I have the kt3 away the golden state colorway (blue/yellow) size 12. It has really alot of space in the toe box. Usually most of my shoes are 11.5 sizes. Which is a good fit alittle space.. size 12 is a bit big for me. Should i go half a size? Since size 11 is only the biggest. On famuji or hibasketball shoes. Do you recommend i go size 11? What do u think.
    Hope to here from you soon. Need some advice. I like the shoe how it looks.


    1. They both should be built on the same last so I assume they’ll fit the same as one another. I’m not sure if going down a full size would work and I wouldn’t want you to spend the money and have them be too tight/small. I’d try adding another insole, or a thicker insole, into you’re current KT model and if that helps take up a bit of the extra space and allows you to play comfortably then that may be a better option than going a full size down.

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