Under Armour Curry One (1) ‘Splash Party’ Gets a Solo Release

If you bought the Under Armour Curry One Champ Pack just for the Splash Party edition of the shoe then you wasted your money as they’re set to make their solo retail debut very soon.

The Splash Party Curry One is scheduled to release on Tuesday, November 3, for $120. Yeah, how that $400 pack price made any sense is beyond me. Last time I checked, $120 x’s 2 = $240…not $400. Resellers: enjoy holding onto those packs for a while.

These are said to be releasing at a few different retailers so Foot Locker and Finish Line locations should have them on the third. Under Armour Curry One (1) 'Splash Party' Gets a Solo Release


  1. I have no idea why:
    1) These didn’t release months ago.
    2) The Champ Pack didn’t have 1 Mid and 1 Low to wrap up the series.
    3) The existing pack was so much money
    4) They didn’t come in those sweet fiberglass boxes.
    5) They didn’t do a limited release of a Curry 1 packed with a Dub Nation 2
    …bottom line is I’m making my own pack..Splash Party on the 3rd and Floor General on the 6th.

    1. Pretty much on that first point, UA really went for the worse of two ways to cater to demand. They could’ve kept up the humble pricing and availability, or go with seeing how much people would pay for it — which they apparently did.

      I’ll admit that I might look into these next week, but everything revolving around this pair was handled so badly apart from Steph ballin’ out in them.

  2. I don’t think UA did this intentionally. That pack couldn’t have sold well at that price so now they’re selling the shoes individually to get rid of them. Packs usually are never worth the price.

  3. Any word on the Batman/”business trip” colorway releasing solo? I’d rather get those due to the materials.

    And I ain’t paying $200 for a $120 shoe just because it came in a pack lol

  4. UA is just toying with people now that the Curry sneakers are so sought after. But I don’t pity people who were willing to spend 400$ (or more) for that pack.

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