Tinker Hatfield Talks Career at Nike and New GOAT Jordans at WIRED25

San Francisco recently played host to the WIRED25 Festival, a celebration of design and some of the world’s most storied creators. At it, Tinker Hatfield unveiled new GOAT Jordan models and shared insight into his career at Nike.

In an interview with WIRED editor in chief Scott Dadich, Tinker shared the Jordan React GOAT, a new runner designed for those that don’t enjoy cardio or running. “This is a running shoe for people who don’t like to run,” Hatfield told Dadich. “It’s about ready to be commercialized; it has been shown to the sales force, it has been shown to the retailers.”

Designed to accommodate heavy heel-strikers and athletes that may not have the best form, the Jordan React GOAT features stabilizing lattice structure-like plastic pieces that wrap up above the shoe’s midsole.

There is no official name for this runner yet, or an official price point, but expect an official reveal soon. For the full interview check out the video below.


tinker hatfield Jordan React GOAT Runner wired25

Image via WIRED / Ryan Loughlin


    1. This is innovation at it’s finest, he did his job if he got you thinking about it enough to comment. The same thoughts crossed many athletes minds when the Foamposite One was introduced or when everyone’s favorite styrofoam looking cushion was launched, but look at them now.

      That said, the design maybe ugly to some, but the ideas and innovations behind the concept are always refreshing. Especially since i myself hate running but force myself every other day to run a few miles.

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