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What are your thoughts on hybrid sneakers?

Once embraced by the fans and community but now laughed at and throw to the side, Air Jordan hybrids are not what they used to be when it comes to consumer reception.

Shoes are shoes, including the mash up ones, but to some they’re just monstrosities that dilute a brand and its heritage. In this latest WearTesters Trash Talk segment, MJO23DAN and I sat down to discuss Air Jordan hybrids and give our honest opinions.

Share your thoughts on hybrids in the sneaker space in the comments below. Is it something that you welcome or is it lazy designing for quick cash grabs?


  1. I like some hybrids(Dub Zero is still one of the best big-man performers by JB), and some I hate, but I also feel that’s the point JB is trying to make(Jordan, and Nike have intentionally downgraded TEAM-shoes to make ‘not quite great’ signature sneakers look better).
    It’s very much a sign of modern commercialism(post 2000 strategies), to instead of making sure the flagship is great, just downgrade the rest(team, and budget options) to give the flagship some leeway.

  2. Not a fan of hybrid shoes. I like the “Rough Draft” or “What if…” idea for JB i.e. the Black Cat 13’s that recently released but not feeling hybrids for some reason.

  3. I gave the Legacy 312 a shot after hearing good things about it for being a shoe, not anything to do with hype. Black Cement pair that doesn’t have Don’s name on it (not that I have a problem with him).

    Leather on this pair is no joke, just as I’ve been hearing. It’s more friendly to beat up than a 3 or 1 since you don’t have that OG/Retro stigma and price tag. Feels better than a 3 imo. This colorway also subdues all the clutter that comes with the mix of silhouettes.

    I haven’t gone for the Spizike and older fusions. This one took my money because it seems they were more careful in mixing the 1 and 3. The Force/Trainer incorporation could’ve been skipped, but this is a really nice pair to wear.

  4. personally, I see these mashups to be hideous and an embarrassment to the classic Jordans. the line could have done better with some material and cushion upgrade or updates on them instead and not this annual food fair treatment which is disgusting. as the game of thrones character Unella would say, “shame” , “shame”, “shame”.

  5. They’re ass. Wanna be designers standing on the shoulders of others to “create” new kicks is ass.

  6. i hate the mashups. the mixer strategy propagated by the head of jordan brand (i forget his name) was a huge mistake as i think it destroyed the brand’s design heritage. imho, i think they wanted to cash in on the then prevalent issue they had with bootleg manufacturers mashing up their designs — these bootleggers were selling shoes using JB’s iconic designs/silhouettes without paying for them… so if they couldn’t beat them or make them stop, JB decided to make it themselves.

  7. I like the 6 rings. They’re all the shoes which jordan wins a ring combined into one. How cool is that đŸ™‚

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