This Is One of the Safest Cleaners For Your Sneakers

Scuffed.Up is an up-and-coming sneaker cleaner that works well without damaging your shoes.

I don’t clean my shoes. It’s a hassle and I don’t have the time to sit down and scrub away the day I spent in them. However, when I used to clean my shoes I’d usually go for the Mr. Clean Magic eraser due to its ability to cut through dirt and stains without much effort. The downside is that the eraser nearly disintegrates upon use leaving another mess to clean. Oh, and the Magic Eraser¬†uses a concoction of chemicals that includes formaldehyde.

In comes Scuffed.Up sneaker cleaner. According to the company, the product is chemical free — no harsh agents like bleach etc. — and it works just like a Magic eraser with one key addition: the scrubbing pad. The packaging, while not part of the cleaner’s function, is also cool for the sneaker enthusiast; the cleaning pad comes in the shape of a shoe while the box looks just like a sneaker box.

I like Scuffed.Up and would recommend using it over most other available sneaker cleaners, although there is nothing wrong with the simple soap and water method (as long as you don’t use really strong soap).

If you wanted to try out Scuffed.Up yourself then you can check them out at Be sure to use promo code NIGHTWING to save some cash.

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