The Nike Air Max 270 React Releases in July

Nike combines the Air Max 270 unit with React cushioning.

Merging two of its latest, and most popular, cushioning systems together, the Nike Air Max 270 React is currently slated for a retail debut on July 3.

The new model is aesthetically pleasing as it features more traditional styling with multiple layers and materials offering more contrast between layers. React is featured in the forefoot while Nike’s Air Max 270 unit is featured in the rear. Both cushions I feel are very comfortable under-foot, so combining the two has me instantly intrigued.

Colorways don’t look too strong to start, but I’m sure there will be plenty to choose from once the initial July 3 release date passes. Retail on the model was not announced.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the Nike Air Max 270 React and stay tuned for updates.

via Nike


  1. Oh SneakersNWheels comfortable I would like to have a pair of those or at least two.This will definitely be my second pair of comfortable sneakers other than presto react

  2. Seems like the cw’s go women’s, men’s, women’s… etc. Very disappointed in the ones we got lol. Plain ass blue and black. Hopefully the women’s sizing goes up to 11.5 or 12 so I can get that first one.

  3. Nike had a similar model called the Airmax 270 Futura I think, and it had a similar, not same style upper and a big heel unit but no react. I never saw anyone pick those up but they were super comfy to try on. I could only imagine what these with react and 270 will feel like.

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