The adidas Dame 5 to Release February 1 in Three Colorways

Damian Lillard and adidas Hoops plan on bringing in the New Year with the launch of the Dame 5.

For those planning on trying out the adidas Dame 5 upon it’s release, the wait is almost over.

February 1 is when we can expect to see the Dame 5 release at a retail price of $115.

While the model looks rather plain, they have been growing on me. If they end up being anything like the adidas N3XT L3V3L, then I don’t think we’ll have much to worry about. If anything, the Dame 5 looks like it’ll offer the best overall traction out of the recent adidas Hoops models.

Bounce cushion is used once again, a personal favorite of mine, so it’s just a waiting game at this point.

adidas went from relying on James Harden’s signature line throughout 2018 to showing up strong to close out the year. 2019’s lineup is looking very promising as it looks like we’ll be getting affordable (for the most part) basketball shoes that pack a powerful performance punch.

Let us know your thoughts on the adidas Dame 5 and if you plan on trying them out yourself.

Images via adidas


  1. the plastic thing aside, those joint looks dope. Iirc, Dame wore a leather build on a game last month and i hope Adidas will release those. The black one seems dope with them suede-looking panel and the white ones are clean. If these performs well, and i hope it did, it should be an instant buy for me. The thing that worries me is the fit since it seems loose on the ankle.

  2. IDK what it is about Dame’s line, but despite every new shoe looking clearly different from its predecessor (aside from 1 to 2), each one still manages to look good while looking unique. They do a good job with him.

    Also in looking up some of his previous PE’s idk how I missed the Sonic the Hedgehog Dame 4’s but holy crap those were seriously amazing.

  3. The last DAME model I played in was the 3, and I loved that shoe. Wasn’t crazy about the 4 but this current model looks awesome! I love that adidas isn’t messing around with traction at all. Each of their newer models features some aggressive herringbone. And it looks really good on the DAME 5

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