The adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro is Seen in a Brand New Colorway

Regarded as one of the best Guard shoes of all-time, the adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro is high on our most anticipated of 2019 list.

Spotted in a brand new look, the adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro may be releasing sooner than we thought.

Hupu has speculated that the shoe could release as early as March 2019. What is unclear at this time is if the shoe will make its way Stateside. While it would be a huge disappointment if we never see the shoe release here in the States, it wouldn’t be unheard of. The adidas TMac line has seen multiple Retro releases, most of which never make its way Stateside.

However, we’re hoping that with the resurgence of Rose’s popularity here in the U.S., we’ll be fortunate enough to have a chance at grabbing a pair of the Retro release when the time comes.

We’re still waiting for official release information and images from adidas so stay tuned to for updates.

Do you feel the D Rose 1.5 Retro will release in the U.S.? We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Image via HUPU/US11


  1. Hypothetically, if they retroed it with it’s original Pure Motion tech, but replaced the og Adiprene+ with Bounce or even their new Light Strike cushion would that put the 1.5 on a whole other level? Or might it become to unstable?

  2. I still hoop in Rose’s and crazyquicks, while I was a can of thr feel of boost, it obviously added a lot of weight, more so when you consider the caging. These earlier shoes are favorites because of the low weight of the shoe. I had considered, after reading Duke’s review of quickstrike and it being described as being a lighter weight, being used with this earlier pure motion set up, or the later seen on the 4’s and 4.5’s. However, with the retro release being so much earlier in the year I doubt we see any upgrades to the shoe, yet still feel they will out perform most modern era shoes.

  3. Please!!! I need the 4s—my first Rose shoe! Wish I bought more… Seriously, just release them all till like the 7s lol.

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