Stephen Curry to Debut the Under Armour Curry 4 for Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Stephen Curry is about to lace up the Under Armour Curry 4 as he and the Golden State Warriors are about to embark on their third NBA Finals journey in three years.

The most streamlined edition of a Curry shoe thus far, the Under Armour Curry 4 looks to bring a simplistic and modern approach to the line.

Official tech specs are being kept under wraps along with the retail price, but what we can share is that the UA Curry 4 will make its retail debut Fall 2017 in both a mid and a low.

Tune into Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight to see the heat of Steph’s feet — yes, the Curry 4 looks great. You can admit it.

Image via @NickDePaula

Additional images via UA


  1. I like the new SC logo placement. Its more prominent, as it should be. Its a curry shoe first, and an UA shoe second.

  2. Its interesting to see a lot of these basketball shoes doing the sock fit thing. It seems like it wouldn’t work but it’s just a low top with a sleeve pretty much if they do it right.

    these, the new hyperdunk, and the Crazy explosive 2017 seem like top contenders.

  3. I hope UA doesn’t exceed $150 with these, but if they maintain a $140 price point (especially if Curry wins ring #2) they will have hit a home run.

  4. They look a lot better aesthetically than last year’s. As for performance, the upper seems very comfy and form-fitting. I’m usually not a fan of sock-like ankles but these are a little reinforced with some fuse so there might be a purpose for it. If the cushion is the same, though, I ain’t even gonna consider this for purchase. Charged feels basically like phylon to me.

  5. Is that a full threadborne construction I see? Looks similar in weaving with the slingflex. Hopefully so, but nonetheless I’m thrilled to see UA bounce back aesthetically wise from the curry 3.

  6. Go Curry!!!!!

    Im too hooked on boost to try any other shoe,

    But this looks much better than the Curry 3.

  7. These look like a knitted version of the 2016 hyperdunk, with an SC logo instead of a Nike logo.


  8. I want to like the looks because it’s not the Curry 3, but really…ehh.

    Functionally it’s intriguing, with the presumed adoption of Threadborne. ESPN posted pics of the shoes not on feet, and it’s a complete bootie, which would explain why the collar won’t sag. Since it blends in so much, I don’t know if he actually put on ankle braces tonight.

  9. Not a fan. The 1s are still the best looking Curry shoe so far imo and the 3 and 4 make the 2 look better than it originally did. Going all white with the translucent blue outsole is an easy way to make any shoe look good, but looking closer the design looks meh.

  10. Not feeling these at all. I’m in the minority of people that liked the 3’s look. These here are very plain, and what’s with the metal tab? I can see that becoming a problem.

  11. Yikes! Without any significant upgrade to the cushion theses will sit longer than the 3’s. It kinda reminds one of the KD’s with the socks. The move away from Casual wear will hurt sales even more imo. Plus how will these take blue and gold colors. All blue upper? Idk…

  12. They remind me a lot of the 2016 Hyperdunk aesthetically (especially with the curved, raised rear of the midsole) but much more refined, sleek, and just better looking in general. The colorway is great as well, but I’m curious to see what it looks like in a more generic colorway. Looks comfortable as hell, and hopefully the cushion is as nice as the rest of the shoe looks.

  13. what is UA doing? it makes me chuckle. they do know the point is to sell the shoes to consumers right? its cool if Curry likes the shoes but you cant keep making shoes 99% of the market wont wear bc of the look. its insane. those of us who buy for performance will give them a chance but we’re the only ones. how did they not learn their lesson from the Curry 2.5, 3, 3zero? just looking at the sketches of the 3 you would know they werent going to have widespread appeal. then this. it really is baffling. I hope they are great on court, but we already know they are not going to sell at all. the Curry line is in a tailspin

    1. + this comment x 1000
      Not just the curry line but UA in general. They seem ok for now pushing their shoes to DSW and kohls but soon you’ll see sales in all segments start to drop. The “Trump Asset” comments just exacerbated what was already happening. I heard Curry got stock in UA as part of his deal. I would be selling it like it’s a Curry 3 clearance sale. because the shot clock says 10 seconds and counting.

  14. Great look IMO, I don’t understand any of this hate. The knit upper with overlays looks amazing. These are a huge upgrade from the 3s, especially without that ugly heel cup. The perforations in the toe are similar to the Soldier 10s/11s. You idiots talk trash about UA but then shell out $200 for low performance nikes.


    1. No one is defending Nike. That’s UAs problem is that they have Competition for market share and are you really going to spend 140/200 dollar budget on something only for basketball and that you cannot wear Casually. If these were priced at 100 or less they would move.

  15. These are clean. I’m glad they put the UA logo on the heel only. That logo just doesn’t really work on sneakers. Like 99% of modern bball shoes, I would not wear these on court. But if the traction is very good like the 2, I will probably get a pair of these at some point.

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