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Stadium Goods Co-Founder John McPheters on How He Built His Sneaker Empire

John McPheters stadium goods complex blueprint

In the latest episode of Complex’s Blueprint, host Noah Callahan-Bever sits down with John McPheters, co-founder of sneaker boutique phenom Stadium Goods.

A visionary of the sneaker business, McPheters is a New York native who discovered his talents during his post-college days in Japan. Since, McPheters seized the opportunities in the sneaker resale industry and helped bring the consignment model to Flight Club.

After his success at Flight Club, McPheters carried his entrepreneurship to the next level by opening up his own consignment sneaker store, Stadium Goods, with his business partner. Just two years after the opening, McPheters has raised $4.6 millions of venture funding and has evolved into an unstoppable force in the online sneaker marketplace. The company has attracted some big-name investors, such as Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban — he now acts as the company’s advisor.

Resilience, creativity, and hard work are what helped McPheters succeed. Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever sat down with John McPheters to discuss the entrepreneur’s career inspiration and how Stadium Goods was created.

New episodes of Blueprint launch Mondays at 11 AM ET on Complex’s YouTube channel.

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