Sneak Peek at the Nike NBA “City Edition” Jerseys

After leaking the Nike NBA “Statement” jerseys, NBA 2K18 has now given us a sneak peak at the Nike NBA “City Edition” jersey.

Employing ambitious designs and colorways, the NBA “City Edition” jerseys look to represent each NBA city in the most vibrant ways. The jerseys will join the existing “Association,” “Icon,” “Classics,” and “Statement” colorways as Nike continues to impress with its jersey lineups.

Though no release info has been leaked by Nike nor the NBA, this preview will tease basketball fanatics and should intrigue fans. For the full lineup of jerseys, visit here.

Images via @conradburry 


  1. Gotta say, I haven’t been impressed at all by Nike’s NBA jerseys at all. The vast majority of these look pretty bad, besides Cleveland’s and I think Chicago’s has a classic look to it. But Nike’s jerseys haven’t been durable, get color schemes wrong (see Lakers banana yellow), and now these. For a companies as big as Nike and the NBA, I would think they’d be able to put out better product and designs than this :\

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