The Top 10 Signature Athletes with the Best Performing Sneakers (According to You)

We recently posted a survey asking you, the WearTesters readers, a number of performance basketball questions; namely, which signature athlete has the best performing sneaker line. In just a few days, we received more than 1000 responses (we appreciate that, guys!)

The first question in the survey asked you which sneakers are the best you’ve ever played in. Since many of these sneakers feature a signature name, we’ve decided to compile data of the best performing sneakers with the signature athlete’s name attached. While not technically signature shoes, team/takedown models like the Lebron Soldier line are included in the data.

Athletes with cosigned sneakers from multiple brands like Dwyane Wade, will have his signature shoes from Li-Ning and Jordan Brand separated. Similarly, player exclusive colorways of a non-signature sneaker are excluded, as we saw a few Kyrie Hyperdunk PEs in the answers.

Since we asked you for your top three sneakers, we looked at the both the number one shoes only, as well as data for any sneaker listed. The results were pretty much the same, although we’ll mention the percentages for both factors.

Interestingly enough, only 27% of you felt that a signature athlete wearing a sneaker influenced your buying decision¬†while 26% said it didn’t impact the decision. The remaining 47% said it depends on other factors, presumably feature related.

With all of that said, here are the signature athlete lines that you voted as the best performing sneakers ever. Make sure to check out every page!


  1. Great report! This really should help anyone looking for ideas of what to buy. Thanks for the great surveys!

    1. I think each performance review on the site will determine which shoe you should buy.

      This survey was more for what the general hooper likens as the best hoop shoe.

      Thanks for reading though. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Good stuff. Perhaps I may have missed this, but was there a size and position played question asked on this survey? While I am not six eight, but six four and I do weigh twofiddy and am a power player, so there is nothing that I do with a Kobe Bryant type shoe but look at it from afar. This isn’t about Kobe bias, because I do not like him, but his shoe are too flimsy to be considered the best performance option for players like me if I were to use this article as a gauge.

    1. This is more of a general survey asking what the best overall shoes are to the general populous.

      This isn’t a recommendation of what to pick up. Your own style and build will determine that. Obviously there are more guards out there than big men, so it’s skewed towards guard shoes a bit.

      Hope that makes sense. Thanks for reading.

  3. the kobe line, if only for the 6, the 8 and the 9, has to be at the very top (i’m also somebody who likes the 10 a lot, even if it isn’t a top of the line shoe it is a very dependable and supportive option)….the rose line, though, has to be right up there alongside the kobe series, i’m not a big rose fan but every shoe other than the 3 (which isn’t bad, it just isn’t special in any real way) has been inventive and performance-driven, the 4 was just a sleek, flexible, explosive beast of a shoe, i played in that until the upper and the sprintframe separated (inevitable after putting it through runs in the rain, extreme weather, etc.), while the 5 had unbelievable lockdown and support, probably the best containment i’ve ever experienced…of course, you had to get the chicago ice or the woven brenda colorway to get top class flexibility, too

  4. Disagree on the Kyrie assessment. Companies have consistently shown they can churn out shoes with good performance at a low cost. Kyrie’s shoe is one of many shoes that are victims of Nike somehow deciding zoom should not be felt. Other than that, great list and appreciate the work done.

  5. Yo! This was a really good read. Thanks for putting this together. I’ve played in models from almost everyone on the list except for maybe Kyrie. Definitely a well thought out article. Respect.

  6. Really nice article, very insightful and definitely one of the best because of the level of analysis involved. Hoping for a wider and deeper study in the future!

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