Reebok Alters the Icons Again for Spring/Summer 2019

Once again, the design team at Reebok Classics has remixed and slipped it when it comes to the new old style. Yeah, we know “dad” shoes are really just classics with a different audience, but Reebok is truly Classic with designs that every sneakerhead should know. Now, the team of Craig How and associates has taken the Classic Leather and Workout Plus and added, well, just look at the pics:

Featuring the same loud, bold colors as the 2018 package, the 2019 models have added layers and lace loops and spots and dots, all in places that make no sense but work perfectly with the design.

To help launch this year’s line, Reebok joined forces with a number of up-and-coming creators:

  • Childish Major, Atlanta-based, Grammy-nominated rapper and producer
  • J.I.D, standout Atlanta rapper at the forefront of a new school of lyricists
  • Rejjie Snow, a rap artist, designer and painter born in Ireland with a limitless persona
  • Juno Song, triple-threat model-stylist-songwriter from London who was this season’s breakout
  • Tayla Parx, singer-songwriter with credits for the music industry’s biggest powerhouses 
  • Amira & Kayla, 13-year-old twin sister DJs taking the international music circuit by storm. 

You can also check out the short story detailing the product line and the thoughts behind here:

Check the full line (there are MANY colors of each model) at (especially loving the Workout Pro), including clothing, hoodies, and kid’s and women’s models. Reebok is still making moves, dropping new classics for the new age. Don’t sleep.


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