Puma Launches #THIRDSALUTE to Raise Awareness for Universal Equality

Puma’s social media outlets have been on fire lately, and the company is now deciding to use its platforms to benefit an excellent cause with #THIRDSALUTE.

Called ‘#THIRDSALUTE’, Puma is launching a social media campaign designed to generate funds for charities that promote universal equality and human rights. Puma’s front runner for the campaign is none other than former Olympic champion Tommie Smith, who famously raised his fist in protest after winning Olympic gold in order to draw attention to human and civil rights 50 years ago today.

Earlier today, Puma shared an image of Smith giving the same salute today. The company has promised that for each picture posted with the hashtag ‘#THIRDSALUTE’ on Instagram and Twitter, it will donate $1 (and up to $100,000) to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Puma is also encouraging those who participate to donate as well in an effort to firmly support human rights and global equality.

If you’re interested in participating, all you need to do is share an image of yourself performing Smith’s iconic salute and tag your photo with #THIRDSALUTE. If you wish to donate yourself, please follow this link, which takes you to Puma’s fundraiser on the ACLU website.

tommie smith

Tommie Smith (center) and John Carlos performed a Black Power salute at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. Credit: NPR


Source: Puma


  1. I remember that foto, that was in Mexico City’s 68′ Olympic’s my family members in Mexico City told me about this movement. And they would return to the U.S. to be incarcerated for doing this. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. This is my heritage, and it wasn’t taught to me in school. School taught that everyone came over on the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. Bullshit. Mom and Pop taught, fam, the legacy of our people from the Motherland to here, from oppression and the continuing battle against such forces. Understanding the fight to control resources, which is what oppression is really about, one must salute those who take a stand against such injustices. Big up to those Women and Men who stood, and are still standing tall in the face of adversity, with no worry of the oppressor’s thought on the matter. Fuck’em, put up a fist.

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