Puma Palace Guard OG | Review

Puma re-released the classic Palace Guard OG from its 1989 archive and we have a review for anyone interested.

One of the best retros I’ve held in my hands — maybe ever.

The Puma Palace Guard OG is a very good recreation of the 1989 original. From the overall shape to the tech specs — everything is practically the same. I love the toe shape and how they chose not to make the area squared and boxy looking.

An upgrade is seen on the retro version with the insole, but I don’t think anyone will complain about comfort upgraded with their retros.

We hope you enjoy our detailed look and review of the Puma Palace Guard OG and if you were interested in grabbing a pair you can find them available now at Puma.com or ShoePalace.com.


  1. I’m interested in getting the white/red/black colorway but I can only find them on Puma’s website and they don’t have my size. I normally wear size 11 and they only have 10.5 and 11.5 available. You said they fit true to size but would you recommend going up a half a size or down half a size if I have to?

  2. Chris, any news on the bbb case? looks like they r going for a refund on the G3 and ZO.19? that was the shoe I really wanted this year 🙁

    1. I haven’t been keeping up to date with anything so I’m not sure. I was hoping they would notify customers that ordered a pair about the status of their purchase… was hoping they’d send the product, but it looks as if they don’t want to (possibly can’t) receive payment/profit on anything during a legal case regarding embezzlement — I’m not sure how that type of thing works.

      I’d assume any transfer of funds would legally need to be split amongst the company’s partners and those partners would then be able to hide the money prior to the outcome of the suit. Maybe it’s something totally different. I have no clue.

      As long as they don’t hold customer funds in limbo then I think that is what’s most important. I do wonder how they’re going to pay the factory for manufacturing however many pairs have already been produced. So many questions…

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