Our Thoughts on the Nike Adapt BB

On January 15, 2019, Nike Basketball unveiled the Adapt BB to the world, the first ever auto-lacing basketball shoe. These are our thoughts.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions thinking there is no place for auto-lacing sneakers in athletics, the age of the internet has shown us that there are athletes of all kinds. Some may be missing a few fingers, some may be missing a hand and we’ve even seen high school-level basketball players with one arm. While auto-lacing may not be needed by the masses, some may need this type of technology in their footwear.

The fact is, there is so much to discuss with this type of news. We’ve done our best to detail some of our thoughts in the video above without going on for hours at a time. Included are some of our readers thoughts as well. Below, WearTesters’ own Stanley Tse leaves his thoughts after playing a few pickup games in the Nike Adapt BB.

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·ᴡᴇᴀʀᴛᴇsᴛ-ᴇʀs ᴅᴀʏ· Day 2 w/ the Nike Adapt BB was a success· · Initial thoughts: The shoe is fun and actually works. The adapt dynamic lockdown system really locks your foot in. While there is only Cushlon foam for cushioning, it works well. Were we hoping for something like a mix of Zoom Air/ React/ Max Air? We all have thought that, however for it’s first iteration, the cushion does the job. I reiterate first iteration because it’s the first time done on a basketball shoe. There is room for growth and improvement. IMAGINE the Dynamics utilized to help those who have disbilities?! · · The shoe works with a function on the phone with an App, however can ALSO be adjusted directly on the shoes. After a quick workout w/ them, I did require a readjustment of the shoe due to heat retention of the foot being in the shoe and compression on the cushlon. I used the app and tightened the shoe a little bit and I was ready to go. While the outsole is translucent, the shoe bites the floor on clean floors, especially using a well known outsole pattern influenced by the Air Force 1 / Air Jordan 1. Simple and effective. Solid rubber outsole traction will be available upon certain potential colorway releases. · The work “gimmick” also was thrown around especially to those who just recently just started collecting shoes probably a year ago and trying to be insta-famous, but I’ll let you do you. While the marketing behind this was dope as heck, true footwear enthusiasts like myself felt excited of actually seeing different type of direction and innovation. It’s nice to see something different than the occasional norm and the same shoe with different colorways. The Auto-lacing tech will soon expand to other sports as Nike plans to test them on other platforms. Technology, listening to consumers, and evolution is key to growth, and definitely look forward to endless possibilities this shoe, and the future of footwear entail. Consistency & Functionality is 🔑· S/o to the ✅ team for the dope experience. This is only the start of 2019, imagine the rest they have in-store?! · · #WearTesters #TeamWearTesters #Nikebasketball #Nike #NikeAdaptBB #JustDoIt #Swoosh #NBPA #NYC

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  1. “Air is not overrated but apparently laces are” HAHA

    I always appreciate how down to earth your videos are. You don’t overrhype anything and likewise you don’t come out and call things trash. Your reviews always stay level-headed and you actually give real information based. I don’t get shoe info from anywhere else because other reviewers always seem biased or just obnoxious.

    I remember reading about the Hyperadapt, and Nike said in the future they wanted basketball shoes to adjust as you are moving, perhaps to avoid spraining your ankle by sensing the motion you are headed in. This isn’t that level of technology yet, but it always starts somewhere. The future is always on its way

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