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OOOOOOOOOH… These feel GOOD!!!

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First off, I owe Oofos an extreme apology. I was sent these while I was at Counterkicks.com, over 6 months ago, and I am just now getting the review done. They have been very gracious in waiting, and I can’t thank them enough for the support. Now, for something a little different, a NON-performance review from me.

Oofos is all about recovery. Well, here, I’ll let them tell it. “Designed to jumpstart the recovery process, our incredible footwear offers unparalleled impact absorption and arch support. Whether you’ve just finished running, playing, lifting, or just a long day, keep in mind that the last step is the most important. Take yours into a pair of OOFOS.”

At first, they appear to be Crocs, and feel a lot like the footwear of all retirees across the country, but as soon as I put them on I knew they were different (yes, I have a pair of Duke Crocs my mom gave me). There is a pronounced arch and a serious rocker effect from heel to toe. This let’s your foot ease back into relaxation after running or sports but also keeps your foot from becoming too relaxed and unsupported.

oofos 5

Rocker effect

oofos 6Arch support 

I have never been big on recovery – when I get off the court I usually just grab my runners and load my bag and get out. The Oofos stayed with me and honestly did make my feet feel comfortable after long days at 24 or some roadwork. I won’t say, scientifically, that there is a distinct advantage. I will say the cushion from the Oofoam stayed resilient and bouncy as day one until now. Think Lunar that doesn’t bottom out – then make a whole shoe out of it. There it is.

oofos 1

The straps over the foot were my only complaint – I have a tall instep and the straps kept my foot from sliding completely into the shoe with ease. I got in, but after a few steps I could feel my feet moving to the back of the shoe. Probably just my foot structure (same reason I had trouble with KD’s shoes from Nike), but there was that.

So, if you are looking for ultimate foot massage after games or workouts, definitely give Oofos a look. I know after playing, especially outdoors, my heels and ankles are hurting. Oofos comes through with an extremely cushioned and supportive model that won’t let your foot ache or cramp after playing. They are a little more expensive than your normal slides, but not much – around $40 a pair. If I was spending $30 on some Jordan or adidas slides without the recovery technology, I would definitely try these instead. They may not look as good (they are a little bulky), but think this through – who REALLY thinks slides look GOOD?

One more thing – they are a one-piece upper and a part of the “zero waste manufacturing” movement – environmentally friendly. So besides supporting your feet, they also support our ecosystem. Recover right – check Oofos out.


  1. But how’s the traction? Could a Point Guard/Shooting Guard wear these in game play? You didn’t even put a score card…smh

    1. LMAO. Do these fit true to size?? How do they compare to your Crocs? Is the cushion better than micro-g? Is it better than Boost???????

      1. EVERYBODY got JOKES now huh? C’mon, there isn’t a person on this site that doesn’t need comfy after ball shoes. Unless y’all aint playing that hard…

        For real go true or half down (no half sizes). Traction is good: you won’t slip on the way to your car after getting smoked by your opponent.

        1. Last time I got smoked at my local gym I broke my ACL and tore my hipbone because my Kobe 9’s traction left me hanging. That 10/10 rating doesn’t fool me. I need something that slides as much as possible, like ice skates, for me to get to my Little Tike’s in as small a time window as possible. Now that you informed me that the traction is “good” I know where not to make my next purchase. Just because a pair of sandals look so orgasmically pantie-dropping doesn’t mean I’ll cop. Real ballers let their game do the talking, not their stylish new-fangled kicks.

          1. Wow – hope you are being as sarcastic as I am. Either that or you are DEFINITELY on the 4/20 tip. Either way, broke your ACL and tore your hip bone? Think that’s backwards. Once and for all, I AM KIDDING ABOUT TRACTION AND PERFORMANCE. And I agree about real ballers – glad I am one.

  2. I definitely think slides look good lol not gonna wear something I don’t like. But good review !

  3. damn, my grandpa was asking where to get some decent recovery sandals after his long shuffleboard games. 100% Cop. Can’t wait for the PE’s to release with the included cane but I hear Kobe’s got a version with autographed walker in 3 colorways.

  4. Hi Duke, could you please review Nike Zoom Hyperquickness 2015 and Nike Zoom Without A Doubt shoes. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these shoes especially the latter as it’s name is the most ballin’ I’ve heard Nike ever gave to its kicks 🙂

  5. Are these water proof? I play in the morning before work and would like to cut down on the number of shoes I bring to the gym.

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