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The Nike Zoom Clear Out is Available Now

The Nike Zoom Clear Out pops up without notice at select Nike Basketball retail accounts, and we can’t help but think that this is the HyperRev 2016 that should have been.

It doesn’t help when they reused the outsole tooling from Nike’s HyperRev 2016, but the overall design reminds us of the original Rev without a strap.

The one piece upper comprised of textile mesh and synthetics along with a really cool midsole design that provides lateral heel support. It looks as if Nike retained the forefoot’s Zoom unit, but it may have removed the heel unit. Not feeling the change if that’s the case, nor the $110 price point for reduced cushion when the HyperRev 2016 offers heel and forefoot Zoom for the same price.

If you were interested in trying these out then head over to FinishLine.com as they’re currently available in a USA themed colorway.

As always, let us know what you think about the Nike Zoom Clear Out below and stay tuned for more information as it comes. Get a First Look at the Nike Zoom Clear Out 1 Get a First Look at the Nike Zoom Clear Out 2 Get a First Look at the Nike Zoom Clear Out 3 Get a First Look at the Nike Zoom Clear Out 4 Get a First Look at the Nike Zoom Clear Out 5 Get a First Look at the Nike Zoom Clear Out 6 Get a First Look at the Nike Zoom Clear Out 7

  1. It looks like it has the heel zoom unit and with the reused outsole tooling, it would make sense that it had it.

    1. I agree. I can see an Air outline in the heel. Unless Nike is being shady and putting Air outline without any Air tech in there lol. But it may not have a Zoom in the heel because the forefront say Zoom while the heel doesn’t. Also Finishline only mentions Zoom Air in the forefoot in their description but retail stores has been incorrect many times on their specs/description ala Best Buy and my Vizio 4K w/ the BS 240hz. I am still waiting on a complete tech specs on the Hypershift but these @ $110 especially when it hits clearance will be a great shoe to beat up on outdoors.

    2. The Zoom Hyperquickness a couple years back shared the exact same tooling as the Zoom Hyperenforcer, but the HQ only had forefoot Zoom while the HE had both heel and forefoot. It even had that little window on the heel and you could clearly see there was only foam and no Zoom, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Nike takes the Zoom out again.

  2. Just got these in. The tongue is a one side open burrito wrap style like the curry 2.5, but on the other side of the foot. Heel is missing a zoom unit. Still the heel phylon is really soft.The high ankle collar is stiff in the back and is restrictive on the ankle pointing your feet down. It is easier to get your foot in than the Hyperrev 2016. The upper is more plastic fuse. They fit TTS, maybe slightly long, but I dont think I could do a size down. Fit is slightly narrow for wide footers. Going to return since I feel like the Hyperrev 2016s are better and the collar feels like it might irritate my ankle.

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