Nike Unveils the Adapt BB – The First Auto-Lacing Basketball Shoe

Nike just officially unveiled the first auto-lacing performance sneaker — the Nike Adapt BB.

The Nike Adapt BB brings auto-lacing in performance footwear to fruition.

Nike has claimed that shoelaces are an invention that dates back to 3500 BC and as such, laces were well overdue for an upgrade.

The Adapt BB introduces an intricate lace engine that neatly closes around your entire foot. It’s able to remember your foot and its shape with the paired app — this is also how the auto-lacing is controlled. With everyone’s foot shape being different and everyone’s idea of a “perfect fit” being different, the Nike Adapt BB is supposed to store the data it finds throughout your wearing experience to remember just how tight or loose you prefer your footwear — not just in one setting however, but in different situations like warm-ups, gameplay and while resting on the bench.

I say this regularly; there is not one shoe made for everyone, but there is a shoe out there made for you. However, Nike is trying to change that with this auto-lacing sneaker. If you’re able to find a shoe that can personalize the fit — for anyone wearing it — then Nike has finally made countless dreams come true: a custom shoe for everyone.

Tech specs for the shoe include the power-lacing system, a Cushlon midsole, multi-directional traction and a knit upper. For those concerned about the single cord lacing and its durability, Nike has stated the “tensile strength of the underfoot lacing is able to pull 32 pounds of force (roughly equal to that of a standard parachute cord) to secure the foot throughout a range of movement.”

If you thought the Air Jordan 33 was cool, then we’re curious to know your thoughts on these.

The Nike Adapt BB will retail for $350 and is available starting February 17.

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  1. I wonder how heavy it will be given the mechanism and the battery. Also, what happens if the battery somehow empties while you’re snugly inside the shoe? Did the og hyperadapt have a manual unlacing mechanism? I hope you wouldn’t have to cut the shoe or charge it (in case it while wearing when the battery cuts out) just to unlace it.

    1. I also find it interesting that both Nike and Adidas are approaching the whole laceless thing completely differently. The Adidas solution seems more practical and definitely more cost-effective. Lastly, since when did laces stop becoming functional? Why mess with a good thing? I understand the need to be innovative, so I give Nike props for that, but the $350 price tag? (even worse in CAD). Maybe Nike is over-engineering the whole laceless solution

  2. Come on Nike, You’re really putting just a cushlon midsole in a $350 shoe? You can’t wave the banner of this being “the future of basketball” while not including the technology of today. These should have react or zoom air at least. Not to say cushlon alone is bad, but it isn’t the best the brand has to offer. It feels really lazy to me and the opposite of forward thinking.

  3. I agree completely. It’s a lot like the argument of removing the headphone jack from phones. Wired headphones are an old tech but they work and work better than Bluetooth. I’ll never buy a phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack.

    1. I must admit that aesthetically, this shoe is really giving me that excited vibe. on the otherhand, for $350? well, I’d just get me 2 pairs of other aesthetically exciting shoes. they look nice I don’t have anything against good looking shoes.

  4. I love the idea but need top know how durable this will be? There have been so many problems with the jordan 33. Are they planning on having more cw’s or just keep it simple? Wearteasters we need the answers!

  5. $350 It’s obviously very steep for most of us. We need to see the app and these firmware updates in action to see if this innovation really justifies the cost.

  6. Clearly it needs more Swooshes…….. 😆

    Not sure I buy the lacing-system as a solution(it’s like giving a robot legs, very sci-fi, but not very practical, velcro still wins the lockdown-innovation race), but I do like the Jordan XX vibe in the midsole, and the shroud.

  7. Or for 350, i could buy like five $70 shoes on sale with better cushion and outsole durability. Ill have to spend 3 extra seconds lacing them, but, call me crazy, i think the trade off will be worth it.

  8. Imagine going for a rebound and someone accidentally kicks your shoe midair on the buttons, loosening the shoe instantly lmao.

    That’s a problem just waiting to happen.

  9. I feel like this is it. All of the ultra-hyped, super expensive shoes of the past few years all incorporate features that made this shoe a reality. The electronic lacing of the Hyperadapt 1.0, the full Flyknit upper of the Kobe AD NXT 360, the lightweight laceless basketball ready Jordan 33. You combine all of the tech from those three shoes into one, you get this. Just goes to show that sometimes Nike is not just pushing gimmicks, but actually innovating towards a bigger picture.

  10. I really like the design. It looks like it could’ve been a Kobe shoe. I do wonder how flexible it will be as the AJ33 wasn’t very flexible at all. Cushlon seems appropriate since they gotta cut corners somewhere. 350 though? Yikes.

  11. The idea that you need to mind the charge of your shoes is probably the most absurd thing about power lacing. This is only a prospect necessity for disabled people. The Jordan 33, although it’s not mind-blowing, is probably the more substantial step forward in simplified lacing.

  12. This shoe is not innovative enough to justify price. Materials are nothing we haven’t seen. Traction is nothing special, then nike and translucent outsoles are usually bad. Let alone itll yellow. I dont see the true “custom” fit. It tightens and loosens. You can do that with any shoe that laces. I don’t find lacing and un lacing shoes to be a huge issue. Traditional tongue and laces are perfectly fine. I dont need my shoes to be electronic. I dont care for gimmicks. Give me a shoe with full length zoom you can feel, a nice upper supportive material that hugs my foot well and traction with a good rubber compound with grooves not easily affected by dust. All I need

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