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Nike LeBron 17 Graffiti | Detailed Look and Review

The Nike LeBron 17 Graffiti is a mashup of a classic LeBron 4 colorway and the LeBron 17. It’s an interesting marriage of two very different shoes. The combination of the foamposite-laden LeBron 4 and the mostly knit LeBron 17 showcases the variety of the 17 years of LeBron’s signature line.

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In recent years, we’ve started to get some very cool mashups of beloved LeBron colorways with the most recent models and technology. The LeBron design team gets major props from the WearTesters squad (and our Discord family). They’ve nailed the designs and details for these mashups. There’s not many things better than combining nostalgia with new performance technology. And yes, that’s a blatant “hint, hint” to all brands reading this ?.

In the video, Chris details how the normal LeBron 17 and the LeBron 17 Graffiti match up in terms of materials and build quality. He also goes over what Nike changed, how it will affect performance, and how it all matches up with the original LeBron 4 colorway. Mrs. Wing also chips in by figuring out an interesting way to wear the strap of the LeBron 17 Graffiti.

You can watch the full video above or by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

The Nike LeBron 17 Graffiti will be available for $225 on June 23, 2020 at Nike and Finish Line.

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