The Nike Kobe AD Exodus Appears in Black/Purple

The new Kobe’s keep on coming and the latest is this Kobe AD Exodus.

There seem to be more Kobe signature shoes releasing after he retired than when he was active in the NBA.

This latest Kobe is rumored to be named the Nike Kobe AD Exodus, but there hasn’t been anything official just yet so take that with a grain of salt. What we do know is that the model is the next in the line of continuing Kobe signature shoes and that it will feature a large volume bottom-loaded heel Zoom Air unit. React or Lunar will likely be placed at the forefoot, but again, nothing is confirmed at the moment.

There is a new Kobe listed on Foot Locker’s release calendar for August 24 (Mamba Day), but the color listed is Sail which the shoe pictured here is not. However, that points to the pair Demar DeRozan debuted at The Drew League which is what we should expect to see as the initial launch colorway.

Additionally, there are two Kobe models, one named the Nike Kobe AD NXT and one simply named Nike Kobe AD, both scheduled to release on September 1, according to Foot Locker.

Share your thoughts on the latest Nike Kobe AD model below in the comment section. Speculate on pricing and tech specs and we’ll go through and pick a few to feature in our upcoming First Impression video on the shoe.

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  1. FINALLY!!!! These actually look like a Kobe shoe! They remind me of the 5’s. I just hope @nike came to their senses and didn’t try and tell a story with the traction! Simple herringbone with a nice soft sticky rubber will do, OR just use the Kobe 9 traction on every model for the rest of time! I cant wait to try these.

  2. After the NXT 360 these seems like a step or two back. How are they going to give us 360 flyknit and react and then go back to whatever this is? Let me guess heel zoom and forefoot lunar? These honestly look like the next Kobe Venomenon

    1. To be fair, it’s not like flyknit 360 actually does anything, and we don’t know if the foam here is react or lunar. The price for these will at least be much more reasonable than the 360s

  3. I’m really excited for these. Kobe is my favorite player but being a teenager I can’t afford his $200 shoes. These are rumored for $140 so that is a much better option for high school ballers. It will be interesting to see if Nike keeps cycling between Kobe models. What if they cycle through: AD solid b-ball shoe, doesn’t push tech. NXT pushes tech and is very expensive

  4. Kyrie 3 upper design but in low top form, re-shaped Kobe AD Mid midsole, and from what I see, Kobe AD NXT traction. But damn those still look beautiful. I just hope theyre cheap.

  5. I’m always down for more ball shoes, especially low tops, but why dilute Kobe’s name by having so many a year?
    Im hoping between the ad, ad nxt, and exodus that there’s only 2 more models. Still, in the past two years that the ad, ad nxt, ad mid, 360, protro 1, mamba rage, and then 2 new models this month…. HOLY KOBE BATMAN.

  6. the build of the shoe looks like the Kyrie 3 up front and a hint of the Kobe 5 and on the collar area a kinda like the Kd 11, wishing the traction will be something similar to the Kobe 9’s traction.

  7. It looks structurally like a mash-up if the IV, V, and the KD 11. One-piece bootie construction seems to be the trend for 2018. I wonder if they’ll eventually release a flyknit version of these?

  8. In my opinion the shoe looks okay! It’s doesn’t look as cool as the nxt 360 but much better than the Kobe ad mid. These Kobe’s reminds me of a kyrie! I also think Nike is going for that deconstructed look that we’ve seen in the off white shoes. Hopefully these shoes perform well!!!!

  9. Like the looks of these better than the other recent Kobe releases. React and zoom, very good traction (grip and durability), very good containment, and I’m in. I’m actually kinda excited about this…

  10. It seems like an off-white themed version of the Kyrie 3 but with a lot of Kobe-ish details (his name and logo, date of his birth and jersey numbers on the lacelock-type things). This colourway definitely looks way better than the first pair that we saw. Black Mamba i still alive!!

  11. I think I might like these. Not the best looking shoe but it’s all about performance. If the traction and cushion is good i’m all in

  12. My interest in this depends on the forefoot cushion. If it has react in the forefoot that is as nice as the 360, then hello nurse. If it has lunar, then I couldn’t care less. If anyone wants lunar on it, there are plently of older kobes on sale that have that. There would be no need to get this.

  13. I am super excited to see how these do. The one piece booty like construction is not my favorite, but that torch tongue will be great for ventilation. It’s a killer looking shoe.

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