The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed

The Nike KD 9 is one of Nike Basketball’s more impressive performance models to release in quite a while.

With so much interest in the sneaker, it’s good to know what exactly they’re made out of. While we can see most of the tech used, the construction within the tooling and under the Flyknit is something most would be interested in seeing.

If you would like to know the measurements/ thickness of the Zoom Air and the heel to to drop measurements then head over to to check it out. If you wanted a breakdown of the visuals then scroll down as I’ll be explaining what everything is and what it does. The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 1

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 2

This is the exterior of the Flyknit forefoot. It’s 100% free Flyknit with some minor structural support placed along the interior.

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 3

Inside you can see the Nylon that backs the Flyknit along with a thin section of “skin” that allows the Flyknit to have all the properties you’d get out of the running version of the material, but without the stretch. If you had the stretch in a hoop shoe then you’d lose a lot of lateral support. Basically, this mimics leather enough to where it’s playable, but not restrictive to the point to where it needs break-in time.

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 4

This is the interior of sidewall or side panel. Padding around the eyestay for lockdown without much pinching and the Nylon lacing straps that are attached to the footbed. You can also see that instead of Nylon backing the Flyknit, they’ve used mesh. This allows the midfoot section to be a little more free feeling than the forefoot.

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 5

I love these images. A shoe sliced in half… allowing you to see all the guts. It’s so awesome. And check out how thin the midsole is. This takes Zoom Air to another level as it basically is the midsole.

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 6

Plenty of heel sculpting in the rear section of the shoe. You can also see how the top lace strand is attached directly to the heel. Ensuring heel lockdown once laced up. This is something the LeBron 13 Low should have had implemented to reduce the heel slip issue.

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 7

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 8

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 9

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 10

You can see that the Zoom Air is exposed at the heel and forefoot. Your foot rests completely on the tech which allows for an amazing ride while in motion.

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 11

No explanation needed. Full length Max Zoom Air. Amazing stuff.

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 12

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 13

The Nike KD 9 Deconstructed 14

That’s pretty much the entire breakdown of the Nike KD 9 Deconstructed. Again, if you want measurements then we recommend you head over to and it’ll all be there.



  1. Some say shoes feel pain too you know. However sometimes sacrifices must be made so others do not feel cheated or misdirected. Thank you kd9 for your donation to us ballers.

  2. always fascinating to see what you are really getting for your money. for a long time nike was ripping off consumers by not putting tech in or using laughably minuscule air bags. its good to see they have changed their ways at least on this model. competition is so good for the industry. we were getting ripped till UA came along and sold the crap out of the Curry line and Nike got scared into legitimacy once again. I’m seriously hoping UA stays popular so Nike cant cheat us anymore and has to make real products from here on out. once Reebok, Cons, Fila, and adidas fell off, nike had a monopoly going and it was awful for about 15 or 20 years

      1. Whoa, the phylon is super thin. I didn’t think it would be that thin! Can’t wait to get.

      2. Hi Nightwing, can you help address the concerns over the small piece of plastic that connects the two different zoom bag ‘areas’?we would like to know the quality and possibly the lifespan of this area cheers

        1. I don’t have any concerns with it. If it breaks then I’ll return them to Nike and get a credit voucher. It’s not something that would stop me from buying them. We’re talking about a potential issue with certain pairs. Not a probable issue with all pairs.

    1. Hey Daniel,
      Be a lamb and try to get Nightwing to answer some of these questions. He’s been a douche as of late..I kinda hate coming here now. I go to Solebrothers to get my fix. But they are usually delayed in reviews as they don’t get items for free like these guys. Anyways, keep up the good work and hopefully we will get better ‘customer service’ from Weartester. #nightwingdoesntknow

      1. Customer service? We don’t sell you goods and services. You don’t donate to support the site. We pay for 99% of the products we review. I have the receipts in a drawer. I just answered your question and it seems as if the only douche here is you.

      2. Is this Sean Kelly, the Longshoreman from Weehawken, New Jersey? Sounds a lot like him. I sure hope it isn’t though. That guy threatened me over the internet. Pretty sure the company he works for wouldn’t appreciate that type of employee representing them.

  3. Hi Nightwing! I have a question about this shoe: Is the little connection part of articulated zoom easy to be damaged? It just looks too vulnerable and I’m pretty sure that the later upload of FastPass said that once the connection part is damaged, the full length zoom unit is literally done since it is still a once piece zoom air unit, not FULLY articulated. Do you have this issue on your pairs?

    1. really?this kinds of reminds me of the issues with the AJ XX8s. Can you elaborate on this Nightwing?or do I have to get Daniel on this?

    2. I just had I same issue. That little connection broken after 8 months using. Now I’m waiting for money refund. I checked kd 10 and they have a same style sole.

  4. What if the pipe that connects the zoom units breaks?
    Will the air zoom units will pop? Or released the air?

  5. Hi Nightwing,

    I’m from the Philippines ang I have kd 9’s and the zoom unit deflated or popped I don’t know but it’s not the same as it is can I return them to Nike even if I lost the reciept?

  6. Was planning to get one pair but just before the purchase I went to nike site and started reading comments. Check the “Game Royal/White” model. Don’t look at the stars – some people give 5 stars because they were happy with the shoe while it lasted and according to comments section the lifespan of the shoe is about 2-4 months…

  7. Hey Nightwing I am a fan of your reviews I have a question regarding this shoe I have wide feet and have problems with most of the shoes but the flyknit technology has helped with that as it doesn’t add pressure to my bones in the toe area instead lets them be more free. What you think about this shoe on wide feet and if you would recommend some shoes that have the same feel and bounce for wide feet.
    Regards from Macedonia

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