Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look

The Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ gets an official look, with detailed images seen below.

While not a true signature shoe, the Nike HyperChase ASG colorway is specific to James Harden for the 2015 all-star game in Brooklyn. Harden’s logo is apparent on the tongue tab, while the main swoosh shifts colors like the other Nike Basketball all-star sneakers. Additionally, the midsole/heel cup pops with a crackle print.

The Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ consisting of Black/ Clearwater/ Silver Ice will be available to purchase on February 12th, 2015 for $120. For reference, the style code/number is 768940-004.

Let us know your thoughts on the shoe in the comments below. Also, with Harden currently playing at an MVP level, does he deserve a signature shoe next year?

Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look1 Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look2 Nike HyperChase ASG ‘James Harden’ – Official Look3


  1. he deserves it as much as anybody else does, he is the most explosive scoring guard since dwyane wade, except he can really shoot the ball as well…i don’t know how marketable he is, though he is incredibly popular he does seem a bit of a jerk, but he is a magnificent basketball player

    1. He is highly marketable with that trademark beard. His beard is all the rage here in Houston. The one thing he was lacking was an upgrade in his defense. You can’t be a superstar as a one way player.

      That traction looks suspect though and it’s iced. I’ve been having to pass on all of his PEs, but I would’ve got his HyperDunk ’13 PE if I didn’t like Kyrie’s better.

  2. not sure i like the logo…it looks nice, but its not an image someone will remember…its just script letters/letter

  3. Probably the most unwatchable superstar of all time. This dude is the Grey’s Anatomy of basketball. This dude’s highlight reel probably has a free-throw chapter. This dude is about as good at defense as the cardboard cutout you shoot in that Call of Duty practice arena. The dude barrels headlong into the paint like a zombie getting sniped in The Walking Dead. This dude deserves a signature shoe about as much as Iggy Azalea deserves a Grammy.

    That’s all I have to say about Harden.

        1. And you are happily feeding on the crap the nba is throwing at you, go watch the spurs and/or the euroleague

          1. You needa learn some basketball the euro leauge is a fucking joke and harden is better on his worst day then any of those bums on there best day gtf outta here with that dumb shit

  4. of course he does this dude no only has play in the playoffs which is much more thn what kyrie has done but he has acctually played in the NBA FINALS

  5. It looks alright. Kinda like like a older model kobe. I always thought he should of got a sig shoe before Kyrie.

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