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Nike Air 1/2 Cent: The Best Hybrid Sneaker Ever?

The Nike Air 1/2 Cent released February 13, 2009. It’s a hybrid sneaker featuring design elements of the Nike Penny line and the Nike Air Foamposite One. But is it the best hybrid sneaker ever? That’s the question Chris answers in our latest video.

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Hybrid sneakers are great trips down memory lane. They combine many of the little details we love about classic sneakers into one nostalgic blast from the past. The Nike Air 1/2 Cent includes little bits and pieces from the following models:

Clicking any of the links for the shoes will take you to the performance reviews. Chris has previously reviewed each Penny signature model. Be sure to check out how they perform before you jump on eBay to purchase them.

In the 1/2 Cent video, Chris goes over the entire shoe, cataloging each detail. He goes in depth on every detail and explains which shoe was the inspiration. He also mentions how the Nike Air Penny 4 didn’t get much love, how much he enjoys the medial side of the shoe, and why he thinks the 1/2 Cent needs a retro. Chris not so subtlety tells Nike which other Penny models need retros so be sure to comment on the video if you agree. Finally, Mrs. Wing gives us her thoughts on both Lil Penny and the 1/2 Cent. As always, you don’t want to miss it.

Watch the full video by pressing play above or by clicking here to watch on YouTube.

The Nike Air 1/2 Cent released over 11 years ago (!) and is currently only available on resale sites. eBay has the most sizes and best deals but multiple sizes are also available on StockX.

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