The Next Nike Hyperdunk Resurfaces in High and Low Builds

Rumored as the Nike Hyperdunk X, the Swoosh brand is celebrating 10 years of the Hyperdunk line with new high and low builds.

Back in March, WearTesters reported on the sale of a new Hyperdunk sample. Now, the sneaker appears closer to an official release with new images surfacing.

Both a high top and lowtop build of the Nike Hyperdunk X (10) have been revealed in a white with black accented colorway expected to be a part of a Team Bank series. While tooling is the same across both sneakers, the implementation of upper materials appears to vary slightly between the high and low.

Looking back at the sample images of the low, we can expect forefoot and heel Zoom units inside a yet to be determined foam carrier and a wave-like herringbone traction pattern.

What are your initial thoughts on the Nike Hyperdunk X and the return of Zoom to the line? Let us know down in the comments.

Nike Hyperdunk x Low

Nike Hyperdunk X High








Images via SportsmanS / amtuck4


  1. Aesthetically, it looks a lot like the Hyperfuse 2011. I think it’ll play similiar to the Hyperdunk 2016, which isn’t a bad thing.

    Would’ve liked to see them try react again, maybe uncage it more so you can feel it. With the Epic React, we now know react is for real, but it was poorly implemented in the hd 2017.

  2. Hey KWAME I’m a big and long time supporter of this site and their youtube channels, now I noticed something. Everytime I read an article here at weartesters, your always there. You really spend time reading and commenting, showing love to Weartesters. I admire you bro. Salute!

  3. I just think its ugly as hell design wise. since the hyperdunk series started it always give me a shock of how beautiful each shoe is. The shoes upper looks like kd 10 and the overall shoe just looked bulky as hell instead of the slim design of hd 2014 which is my favourite hyperdunk.

  4. Glad to see zoom back, if bottom loaded. Zoom and react would be insane…

    The lows look ok, the mids look odd to me.

    The 2016’s were a great shoe, should have stuck with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  5. It would be great if they could give us that trampoline feeling from 2016. I still have NO FREAKING IDEA why they did it for just 1 year and then quit. They just decided that they would only give us the best feeling in years just ONE SINGLE TIME and then move on. Makes no sense.

    Yeah, I used CAPS in there. I sure did. LOL!

  6. Wow these look terrible. Like other guy said, some type of Air Monarchs lol. Last 2-3 Hyperdunks have looked so bad. Time to give up the line Nike or bring real innovation to the line

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