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NBA to Ban Kanye West’s Yeezy Basketball Shoe Despite Loosened Color Restrictions

The NBA would ban Kanye West’s upcoming Yeezy basketball sneakers in their current form, despite the loosening of color restrictions for the new season.

Reported by ESPN’s Nick DePaula, the shoe features a gleaming, reflective-material heel that would potentially pose as a distraction for both in-arena spectators and television viewers alike. The league had imposed a similar ban against Carmelo Anthony’s Jordan M10, forcing Melo to update and comply to the league’s regulations.

Despite the new rule that will allow players to wear sneakers of any color at any point, the Yeezy basketball shoes are still too distracting for the NBA’s taste. Kanye West teased a release in 2019 that may allow adidas signature athletes such as Donovan Mitchell, Brandon Ingram, John Wall, Kelly Oubre Jr. and Nick Young to be the first to wear the model on court — so long as it isn’t as reflective.

Would you like to see the Yeezy basketball shoes hit the hardwood for the upcoming season? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.




Images via @kanyewest

  1. The design isn’t bad. Too bad that it won’t be available for anyone but athletes and resellers. I hope I’m proven wrong!

    Just make the heel cup matte black.

  2. Maybe more a ‘political’ decision, than a factual one.(Adam Silver again making a case to be the worst pro-league Commissioner ever).

    1. I respectfully disagree. I think Adam Silver has proven to be one of the better commissioners. He’s much more progressive thinking than many commissioners.

      1. He’s the only commissioner in sports that has interfered with officiating, during the Finals no less, that’s league-tampering in the purest form.
        Under his leadership dead-ball fouls has become a sideshow-mess, his only quality is commercialism, he’s damaged the actual sport though, severely.

  3. How polarizing. Then I started to wonder if the Nike Air Foamposite Blue Mirror also becomes a distraction

  4. LOL! This cat Kanye is in touch with many things artistic. You cannot deny that he has his finger on the pulse of what’s hip and different stylistically. The stuff he’s put out is different, then moves the needle, so props. However, just like my musical hero The Godfather of Soul James Brown, politically with his endorsement of Richard Nixon, Kanye West’s wrong headed approach to such matters sets what he does very well way back, particularly in the community which birthed him. I hope he gets it together one day, if it is at all possible.

  5. Does it have boost? When you’re tap dancing, shucking and jiving for acceptance, your feet need to be comfy.

  6. Well, how about that, shoe is making more headlines because of this.

    Kanye has been good at stringing up a way for everyone to react.

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