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The LeBron Soldier 10 EP’s Box, Details, and Height Comparison

lebron soldier 10 ep 281

For some reason, Nike hasn’t gone public yet about the LeBron Soldier 10…even though it’s on the feet of “King James,” perhaps the most famous athlete on Earth (especially after last night). Bless these Chinese sneaker sites because now we don’t have to wait for Nike — we’ve got the full scoop on the LeBron Soldier 10 EP.

Seen below in a US men’s size 9, each shoe weighs about 394 grams (13.9 ounces). This colorway, according to the label, is Black/Black-Cosmic Purple-Hyper Jade. The box is of the usual fair, with triangular geometric motifs, and reminiscent of past LBJ kicks. Those geometric motifs are echoed on both the tongue and heel pull tabs in orange. Interestingly, the upper looks like it’s all one piece, and the tall ankle collar features some plush looking padding. Beneath the foremost strap there is a teal ’23’ for James’ jersey number and inside the tongue there is a prominent ‘X’ for ten and a small tab that reads “SOLDIER_TEN.” The inner tab on the left shoe reads “LRJ_SX_16/17.” For those wondering about the LRJ: LeBron Raymone James.

On this LeBron Soldier 10 colorway the outsole is translucent and the traction pattern is comprised of varying sized squares. At the heel and forefoot, there are small windows that give a glimpse of all dat Zoom. The unit in the heel looks massive. The insoles are done in teal and feature five logos each. Stay tuned for the LeBron Soldier 10 deconstruction!

What I find most interesting about this photoset is the height comparison to the Soldier 9. While the 10 certainly looks like an evolution of the 9, the 9 is downright puny in terms of height compared to it’s bigger brother.

So now that you’ve gotten the scoop on the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 EP, are you hopeful? We still have no official word on price but it’ll be very interesting to see where the Swoosh positions this latest LBJ takedown model. As always, have your thoughts heard in the comments below.

lebron soldier 10 ep 115

lebron soldier 10 ep 28

lebron soldier 10 ep 33

lebron soldier 10 ep 43

lebron soldier 10 ep 53

lebron soldier 10 ep 63

lebron soldier 10 ep 73

lebron soldier 10 ep 83

lebron soldier 10 ep 93

lebron soldier 10 ep 116

lebron soldier 10 ep 103

lebron soldier 10 ep 321

lebron soldier 10 ep 134

lebron soldier 10 ep 34

lebron soldier 10 ep 124

lebron soldier 10 ep 153

lebron soldier 10 ep 163

  1. Sorry to leave the topic but is anyone else getting errors when trying to visit the site? I can only get through once in 3-4 tries. Otherwise I get weird symbols in the browser (Both Safari and Fire Fox).

  2. So glad I passed on the Soldier 9s as although it got good reviews, it looked somewhat bulky. these 10s seems more streamlined. Can’t wait for the reviews and pricing info…

    1. Yeah the 9s were bulky. It was so much a transition from someone who wears low tops, I barely even wear them. If lock down on the tens is anything like the 9s then I’m all in.

      I’m just waiting till xmas season for all the sales and colorways, not wearing a big black and bulky shoe in the middle of summer

    2. I played in the 8’s and 9’s. Even though the 9 was superior in damn near every category, I liked the 8 better, mostly due to how the upper fit. I was snug, which I liked. The 9 had dead space in the toebox, and felt slappy when I ran up and down the court.

  3. Kinda reminds me of a good-looking Ektio. I just might consider these if the Hyperdunk 2016’s don’t pan out (which is highly unlikely from their tech specs). — Still tho, these Soldier 10’s look dope AND functional.

  4. Nike isnt publicizing them because thier lower price point will cut into the sales of the Elite model. Most people arent sneakerheads and will think the elite model is still the best. Notice the colorways of the soldier 10 that lebron wears arent too attention grabbing? No mistake, Nike wants to hide them……for now. This is another example of Nike being forced to step on thier game with UA and adidas becoming more competitive.

  5. There was a problem in my mind with the 9s, and that looks to be exacerbated with the 10s. The lack of a real lacing system means you need to rely on the straps to provide the “tightness” necessary for proper lock down. The problem on the 9s was that when I tightened the top strap enough to provide that lock down, it seriously hindered my ankle mobility. It felt like I was wearing a brace. The strap on this is even higher 🙁

  6. I am wondering how good the lockdown is. Judging from the first looks, the fit and cushioning looks awesome, but the traction remains to be seen, since its tranluscent.. Looking forward to their performance review..

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