Kris Drone and Get ‘Em Kicks are Helping Sneaker Culture Flourish in Okinawa, Japan

George Kiel traveled all the way to Okinawa, Japan, for the latest episode of Open the Box to showcase footwear and apparel shop Get ‘Em Kicks. The brainchild of Kris Drone, the store has successfully brought together Japanese locals and military members from one of the busiest U.S. bases in the world.

In start contrast to the huge stores that can be found throughout Tokyo, Get ‘Em Kicks is a local shop on a small island southwest of Japan’s mainland. According to Kris Drone, Okinawa’s sneaker enthusiasts have to spend much more money to get the kicks they want, which gives Get ‘Em Kicks a much different customer base — one that is appreciative of what’s available and more frugal when it comes to purchases.

Originally started as an online shop where enthusiasts could sell their sneakers with no fee, the store has blossomed into a haven for people that love sneakers — especially Jordans. Check out the episode below and share your thoughts in the comments.


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