Kawhi Leonard’s New Balance OMNI1 ‘2-Way’ Pack to Release in Limited Numbers Tonight

Kawhi Leonard and New Balance will be releasing a limited pack of the OMNI1 and 997.

Leonard has been killing it in the playoffs and is being compared to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. It’s smart of New Balance to strike while the iron is hot.

Releasing tonight at 7PM EST/4PM PST at NewBalance.com, the ‘Kawhi 2-Way’ Pack will released in limited numbers prior to its full-scale launch this Fall.

You will be able to buy each of the shoes separately so don’t worry about having to spring for a pair you don’t really want just to grab the hoop shoe. Retail on the OMNI1 will be $140.

I’ll try to grab a pair but I doubt I’ll be able to as they’ll be pretty limited. However, I wish everyone luck trying to purchase and fingers crossed New Balance created a product that will be worthy of its $140 price tag.

via Kenlu.net


  1. I gotta say, these look super nice. I doubt they’ll be selling this pack in Canada, but if they do, im totally there. That low top looks awesome. Blue and gold tho? Kawhi to the warriors?!?!?! def not.

  2. Nice looking shoe. Just a weird colorway to debut it in. Kawhi won’t be wearing that color on court.

  3. Swing and a miss on these. I had a chance at the runners but I didn’t want them unless I could get the OMN1S to go along with them.

    1. *Update*
      Went back and refreshed and was able to land both pairs in my size. Should be interesting seeing how these come out. Hopefully my orders aren’t cancelled on me.

  4. So the shoes should have been out for weeks/months and now they’re only making a handful and forcing people to jump through hoops? Really New Balance? No thanks.

    1. This is how business is done now. Create hype with the whole “limited” label.

    2. It’s not like NB is the only one doing it. In fairness to them, Atleast their shoe price isn’t as ridiculous with some other well known brand that are known for hyping up shows and constantly advertising they would only release a certain amount of shoes but nonetheless would still release that particular shoe model year in, year out.

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