Just Two Dudes Talking About Shoes | WearTesters Trash Talk

The topic for this episode of WearTesters Trash Talk is simple: ask us anything and we answer.

What happens when you sit two old timers, Nightwing2303 and MJO23DAN, down and ask them anything? Nothing, really, but it makes for an entertaining video.

We hope you enjoy reminiscing about sneakers like we do. It’s fine to critique them on the regular, but its fun to just sit and talk about the things you love.

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  1. The vlogging thing is an interesting subject. Usually your content is performance minded so shopping is on quite a tangent, but you can make a useful vid on it, although editing might be limited depending on what stores like/don’t like with cameras.

    If I remember correctly, you were involved with donating clothes/shoes. Not sure if it’s just an in-and-out drop off, or there’s something more elaborate to it, but that’d be cool because it spotlights a cause.

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