The Jordan Melo M13 Official Unveil and Tech Specs

The Jordan Melo M13 has been available for a short time now, but the official unveil just happened yesterday.

Jordan Brand has confirmed the tech specs: the shoe features a mesh upper with Kurim overlays and the FlightSpeed cushion system that offers unlocked Zoom Air in the forefoot.

Something I found to be rather amusing was the description of the traction pattern.

“The shoe’s Flight Speed traction rubber outsole features a modified traction pattern to enhance grip for quick cuts and stop-and-go starts.”

Not sure if that is accurate or if the person that wrote the product description confused the traction pattern up with the cushion tech. If the pattern is actually called FlightSpeed then that is a confusing way to brand the traction and cushion aspects of the shoe.

The Jordan Melo M13 is available now for anyone interested and we’ll get a performance review of the shoe up in the coming weeks.


Via Nike Inc.



  1. And Flight Speed lacing system. The traction pattern looks a lot better close up. In the early pictures, it looked like the Ultra Fly.

  2. This is the only new Jordan I would seriously consider buying, and only when it inevitably hits the outlets. Its not particularly innovative, but it seems like a decent redux of some recent successes.

  3. Oh c’mon JB. Why not extend the rubber on the outsole a tad to be like the wicked awesome comb-like traction of the XX8? Why do you have to try an reinvent the wheel every time when you’ve literally made one of the best tractions of all time? The Curry line changes the pattern but uses herringbone everytime and they’re 3/3 with great traction. It’s makes no sense!

    1. Agree, the XX8 traction was soooooooooo spectacular and yet we never saw it used beyond the XX8 SE. I thought the XX9 traction was OK, particularly on the M11 rendition of it but if they were to keep moving in a direction, it should be with models identical or similar to the XX8 outsole. Incredible traction for any position.

  4. Does JB even make any money on the Melo and CP lines? Like theyre solid shoes I guess but theres no attempt at innovation and I never see anyone hooping in em

  5. Am I imagining things or are the edges extending downward further than the rest of the traction pattern? I could see that as a way to address the stability concerns people have with protruding Zoom bags.

    All I could really expect here is a more-properly refined M11. Tooling setup wasn’t memorable, but very practical for use and abuse. Overall shoe was pretty solid. Just that over time I found those weren’t so great at heel lockdown. A softer upper would also very much invited to compete with today’s offerings.

    1. Yeah that is what I would hope for also, a little more soft/supple upper (though the hardness made them more durable), a more inviting fit in the heel/ankle area (though I couldn’t complain about the support, especially for their lower-profile height) and a little more stability (hopefully by adding some heel cushion to evenly proportion the stack heights). This seems like they changed it up a bit though, maybe a thicker midsole and a very different outsole. I will grab a pair, personally I think the Melo line performs very well.

  6. I think these and the kyries r some of the best looking shoes out there right now.
    I don’t understand the hate for either of them.

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