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Insite Precision Insole | Performance Product Review

Hey guys! We have another performance product review, this time featuring the Insite Precision Insole. I thought these were fantastic once broken-in, however, I would not recommend using these in place of your custom orthotic if they were prescribed to you by a doctor.

For those looking for a nice after market insole to use along with your go-to shoe – or gym rotation – then these will likely be a great option. You can swap them out easily between shoes, and once you get over the break-in process, they fit like a custom orthotic; only these have shock absorbing foam in place.

Things I loved were: the shock absorbing foam and no-slip grip at the forefoot.

I like the carbon fiber now, but during the break-in process I didn’t like it at all. So, while I do enjoy how they feel, they also come with that one negative aspect which is a pretty lengthy break-in period. Is the break-in period worth it? I think so, only because the reward was so great, but it’s really up to you if you want or need that additional support.

Most shoes offer a shank for torsional support, but that isn’t the same as arch support. So while you’re out there running around – in any sport – your arch isn’t supported by much. Yes, there are exceptions to that with certain sneakers, but for the most part all you get is a torsional plate that prohibits the shoe you’re wearing from folding up on you in certain sections with certain movements. If you really want true arch support then you’ll need something additional to add with your kicks.

If you wanted to try them out, all you have to do is click here.

  1. Are these a viable replacement for the Crazylight Boost 2015? To deal with the fit issues the thin insoles gave.

  2. The best insole I have ever had, and then still have, because I got multiple pairs of them, is an Adidas adiprene/adiprene + combo insole that came with the Adidas TS series. They help to provide ridiculous impact protection of the highest level, and then even work very well in the new Adi Boost system, in which the insoles help to stabilize the Boost for hoops a bit more, giving you some serious controlled spring. This extra insole came with the TS Commander line, and the TS Pro Model line as well. If you happen to stumble across a pair of these, I highly recommend them.

  3. I am wearing the ahh always forget name smartfeet now cant remember their advertised on here sometimes had the blue, the orange, now wearing the black carbon edition.. wondering if these above would offer same arch support and carbon flex with better insole cushion but mine wearing now I can put over top an already attached insole , mine are so thin, don’t think these are like that..

  4. have you tried balling in FP insoles? All the skateboarding sites rave about them but didn’t know if it came up on your radar at all. The youtube reviews on them are pretty insane (dropping bowling balls on them w/ glass underneath, etc.).

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