Here are the Winners of the 2018 Nike: On Air Vote

For Nike’s latest design competition, Air Max fnas from all over the world voted on their favorite designs from six different cities. The results are in — here are the winners of the 2018 Nike: On Air vote.

Gabrielle Serrano’s Air Max 98 ‘La Mezcla’ won for New York. It features a bold print that seems like a mix of Safari and static, with bright green accents, and honors the diversity of NYC.

nike on air winners Air Max 98 La Mezcla gabrielle serrano

Gwang Shin’s Air Max 97 ‘Neon’ took Seoul. It’s black blase and bold colors are inspired by the city’s abundant neon signs and the Taaeguk symbol on Seoul’s flag.

nike on air winners air max 97 neon gwang shin

London voted for the super bright Air Max 97 ‘Summer of Love’ by Jasmine Lasode. The shoe celebrates love and her personal memories of a first date on Primrose Hill.

nike on air winners air max 97 summer of love jasmin lasode

As many could have predicted, Yuta Takuman’s Air Max 1 ‘Tokyo Maze’ won for Tokyo. According to Nike, the shoe honors the dizzying urban labyrinth of Tokyo and pays homage to the Tokyo Tower with its red Air bubble.

nike on air winners air max 1 tokyo maze yuta takuman

Paris was taken by Lou Matheron’s Air VaporMax Plus ‘Paris Works In Progress’. The futuristic look is inspired by photos of the Parisian courthouse (which is under construction).

nike on air winners air vapormax plus paris lou matheron

Finally, Shanghai voted for Cash Ru’s Air Max 97 ‘SH Kaleidoscope’. Its design is informed by the clouds that form near the tops of Shanghai’s amazing skyscrapers.

nike on air winners air max 97 sh kaleidoscope cash ru

According to Nike, the six winners — three women and three men — will visit Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, to meet with teams in product development and marketing. Expect the winning shoes to arrive next year for Air Max Day 2019.

2018 nike on air winners

Nike on air 2018 winners


Source: Nike

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  1. Just kinda disapointing, people could get more crazy with it then just creating a color way. I like the Seoul and Paris ones the most but I’m still “eh” on them.

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