Footpatrol and Padmore & Barnes Bring Back the Original P404 Wallabee for ‘Ironman’

Last year Diadora celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the Purple Tape, Raekwon’s album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, with a unique sneaker collaboration. Now, Ghostface’s Ironman (the better album, in my opinion — we can discuss below) is celebrating 20 years come this October. Thus, Footpatrol and Irish shoemakers Padmore & Barnes have collaborated and brought back the original P404 Wallabee with some Wu-Tang flavor.

According to Footpatrol, Padmore & Barnes have been manufacturing shoes since 1934, producing 25,000 pairs of shoes per week in their Kilkenny based factory. The first really successful silhouette was the P204, introduced in the US market in the early ’60s. Shortly thereafter, Americans were requesting a hightop version of the P204, so the P404 was introduced. At this time, Padmore & Barnes was bought by C&J Clarks and P204 and P404 silhouettes were renamed the Wallabee.

Now, Footpatrol has gone to the source, the original shoemakers, for a nostalgic Wu-Tang Clan-based take on the Padmore & Barnes Original Boot P404. Inspired by the album cover of Ironman, upon which Raekwon, Cappadonna, and Ghostface Killah are flaunting many custom-dyed Wallabees, this collaboration contains two P404s. The first is a nod to the traditional Wu-Tang black and yellow crest and is dressed in split black and yellow colored suede with yellow stitching throughout; the second is split between black and red suede with red stitching.

Notable details include smooth tan leather interiors, tonal colored tumbled leather footbeds, and the iconic words ‘Peep But Don’t Sleep The Crew’s Mad Deep’ in metallic gold on the lateral side of the leather inner lining. Footpatrol and Padmore & Barnes branding is kept to the interior of the shoes. Both shoes come with black laces and a black box.

The Footpatrol for Padmore & Barnes Original Boot P404 will release in-store and online (8:00 AM GMT) at Footpatrol on Friday, August 26, for £125 each (approx. $165). For more information on in-store size availability please call the store at 020 7287 8094.

How do you feel about this celebratory footwear release for 20 years of Ghost’s Ironman? Mike Packer double confirmed that there would be another collab coming from Packer for Ironman when the Purple Tape Diadora shoe dropped. Are you as excited as I am?!

“Put a hanger on a f******* stove and let that s*** sit there for like a half hour…”

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 8

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 7

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 5

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 4

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 3

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 2

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 1

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 10

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 13

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 14

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 16

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 11

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 12

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 17

footpatrol padmore & barnes P404 9

Source: Footpatrol


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