Could This Be the Air Jordan 33?

Overseas leakers have spotted a shoe that looks like an evolution of the Air Jordan 32, so could this be the Air Jordan 33?

Of course, these shoes could be a scrapped sample or some other shoe Jordan Brand is cooking up, but there are some similarities to the Air Jordan signature line that cannot be ignored.

First off, the Flyknit upper is very similar to the upper of the Air Jordan 32, as is the structure of the tongue. Second, the outsole shape midsole cushioning point at a new tech development.

That cushioning appears to be two very large volume Zoom Air units, one at the forefoot and one at the heel, and they may be connected via a tendril that runs between them. Of course, the units could be separate and the tendril is just there for better transition. We haven’t seen visible Zoom Air like this in a Jordan model since the Melo M10 — awesome shoe by the way.

air jordan 33 outsole possible

Image via @wants002 on Hupu

If this shoe is the Air Jordan 33, which is unlikely, it lacks any overt nods to the Air Jordan 3. The Air Jordan 31 and Air Jordan 32 were inspired by the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2, respectively, and made obvious references to both originals. Moreover, the straps that secure the heel and forefoot would seem more at home on a LeBron shoe.

Leaker @soleheatonfeet says the Air Jordan 33 should release in October of 2018, right in time for the next NBA season. Additionally, the leaker said that the Air Jordan 33 would carry a $175 price tag, down $10 from last year’s Air Jordan 32.

For now, all we can do is speculate so share what you think in the comments below.

air jordan 33 possible

Image via @wants002 on Hupu

could this be the air jordan 33

Image via @wants002 on Hupu

possible air jordan 33

Image via @wants002 on Hupu

air jordan 33 possible 1

Image via @wants002 on Hupu

air jordan 33 possible 2

Image via @wants002 on Hupu

air jordan 33 straps possible

Image via @wants002 on Hupu

air jordan 33 heel possible

Image via @wants002 on Hupu


  1. I hope these perform well because from a aesthetic standpoint they look horrible. Maybe if I see other colorways they can grow on me. I do like the full length zoom and the knit. Just doesn’t look like a shoe I’ll wear outside of the court

    1. They looked cool from the side but then the top down view.. but from a performance these look to be great. Knit and raw materials with laces and straps. And a tongue.. traditional. Oh yeah that decoupled Zoom cushion.

  2. The upper looks like took inspiration from the Jordan 9.5. I just hope they are wide foot friendly.

  3. the straps could have used some alt. color linings to give it a much balanced/matching look. could potentially be a purchase but I would wait for better colorways or customized option.

  4. If this is the “real AJ33”, then I think the performance will be beastly. Man. that Zoom Air though. Just hoping that the translucent outsole is not a problem and traction will be five stars.

    Aestheticswise, it is very cheap looking. Bruhh, these are the Jordan Series! People are willing to pay a lot of money because of the history, story and quality of each shoe. This teaser makes me feel that this shoe is way out of the J Line and it’s also like a school project by a student of Fine Arts who is cramming.

  5. From an aesthetic standpoint, they’re pretty average. I think most of us expect the Jordan line to look good, but really, most of them from 15 up are kinda hideous. Maybe we should stop expecting them to look great every time. The last 2 looked good, though.

    The cushioning would be the reason to pay attention to this. Nike is finally embracing the exposed zoom bubble as their best cushion(react was good on the Kobe but was a dud in the rest of their ball shoes, so they still have to figure that out), and are putting it on all their biggest models, like this, the Lebrons, and KDs.

  6. TBH nothing about this screams “homage to the 3” I ‘m not feeling the straps but i do like the rest of the silhouette.

  7. It’s like a performance beast in my opinion. I am all in on max zoom. With it decoupled it reminds me of the old decoupled Nike’s with the double stacked zoom. I wish Jordan brand would have used solid rubber on the entire outsole just to ensure good traction. I think with the double straps, you can adjust the fit to accommodate most foot shapes.

  8. Maybe they are returning to put nice tech in their team jordans… it may not be an ultra flight but an entire new model that entice more people to use them having an option between the current flagship (33) and retros (11,12,13)
    There is no sign of a logo (yet) but we know who loves decoupled midsoles (Brodie)

  9. Melo m10 had no visible zoom did it? I think you might mean the m8, which is in my top 5 performers all time.

      1. Looking back, you’re definitely right! I never got a chance to own the m9 because I ran my m8s into the ground. Lol

  10. No way that is the Air Jordan 33. I was really looking forward to the Air Jordan 3, expecting Jordan Brand to do a great job of paying homage to arguably the most iconic Jordan shoe of all time, the Jordan 3. Hopefully that is only a new model, but I already doubt it. Smh

  11. Whatever model it turns out to be, they could have done a better job sculpting the midsole. That sharp triangle at the middle doesn’t really need to be there (for containment purposes), right?
    And there is that cutout in the midsole at the forefoot, to possibly make the midsole flex a bit better (than the XX2), but at the same time, the wingtip that wraps around from the outsole, seems to prevent (flexibility).

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