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Nike Zoom GT Hustle 2: Victor Wembanyama’s New Shoe

Nike Zoom GT Hustle 2

Nike Zoom GT Hustle 2 English Review

Nike Zoom GT Hustle 2 Spanish Review

The Nike Zoom GT Hustle 2 is a low-profile, agile guard shoe that boasts a full-length Zoom Air Strobel. If you liked the original Nike GT Cut, you will like these.

Colorway: Black /White/Pink Foam/Pure Platinum

Release Date: 2023

Price: $170

Total Score

If you were wondering, no, there isn’t a first version of the Nike Zoom GT Hustle. Nike’s GT (Greater Than) line originally had 3 models: the Nike GT Cut, the Nike GT Jump, and the Nike GT Run. Of the bunch, the Nike GT Run was clearly the weakest model, so Nike has decided to sub that model out for the GT Hustle. So it is, technically, the second version of a Nike model, but that model is the GT Run.

It also seems that the GT Hustle 2 will be Victor Wembanyama’s shoe for 2023-24 which is odd because it is very clearly a low-profile guards shoe. Wemby is shifty for a 7’4″ player, but I don’t think anyone would say he plays or moves like a guard.

The GT Hustle 2 is actually very reminiscent of the first Nike GT Cut, which is high praise ’cause that shoe was awesome. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and let’s dive into the review to see the strengths and weaknesses of these potential bad boys. In this article, we will also include the testing results of WearTester’s own Stanley Tse.

Nike GT Hustle 2 Review

Nike GT Hustle 2 Tech Specs:

Nike GT Hustle 2 Traction

The traction on the Nike GT Jump 2 is weird. The sole of the shoe is covered in traction pods that are somewhat similar to running shoe spikes. Those pods are etched with a herringbone traction pattern. After brief initial testing, it seems like this traction pattern will work splendidly on court. Those pods seem in no danger of being ripped off and the traction pattern sticks to the court very well.

The herringbone traction pattern provides great multi-directional coverage, and, as an added bonus, the rubber Nike used to construct the outsole looks like it will hold up better than most to the rigors of outdoor play. One aspect that might not be optimal is that the traction looks like it will accumulate dust easily on dirtier courts, but a quick wipe should suffice to keep you going.

Stanley: The traction features a Waffle-inspired Herringbone Outsole somewhat paying homage to the waffle patterns you see on running shoes – in this case – the Nike Zoom Talaria (shoutout to the OG designer – Tinker Hatfield).

On clean courts, the traction sticks like no other. No matter how hard I changed directions the shoe just held me down on a stop of a dime allowing dynamic response. However, on dusty courts – you’ll be in for a ride…literally

The Waffle-like podded pattern herringbone lines are thin and close together to grip the floor well, however also a dust catcher for not-so-clean courts. I wouldn’t suggest bringing these outdoors as the outsole will burn through quickly.

Nike GT Hustle 2 Cushion

The Nike GT Hustle 2 comes equipped with a firm Phylon midsole (some Nike materials claim that it’s Cushlon) that sits below a full-length Zoom Strobel. This is probably the shoe’s best feature, if what you are looking for is a VERY low profile, reactive setup with just enough impact protection. The GT Hustle 2 is a guard’s dream in terms of cushioning and is very reminiscent (as we have mentioned) of the OG GT Cut.

This setup proves that you really can build a shoe with elite court feel, and reactiveness that’s very low to the ground and still maintains a good amount of comfort, compression, and impact protection. If you are looking for max cushion set up this is definitely not the shoe for you, but if you want an agile guard show, the GT Hustle is as good as it gets.

Stanley: Full-length zoom stroble pairing with a Cushlon foam midsole. Now we’re talking! The combination is stellar. How Full-Length zoom stroble isn’t standard on the majority of the signature shoes boggles the mind (I get it…cost), coming from its original setup of the G.T. Run which features a Full-length React midsole, a React Sockliner, and a Forefoot zoom air unit plus a Forefoot zoom Air stroble unit, the G.T. Run didn’t seem to vibe as well with transitions on foot compared from the Hustle.

The Hustle felt low to the ground while providing fluid ample feet back on impact and push-offs as well as an ease on transitions. This combination of cushion works extremely well with the Hustle and is absolutely the highlight of the shoe.

Nike GT Hustle 2 Materials

Materials on the Nike GT Hustle 2 are very nice by today’s standards. There is nothing premium on the shoe, and it’s primarily built with mesh and textiles, but all of these are top-notch. They provide a really nice comfortable 1 to 1 fit, conform well to your foot, and keep it well-ventilated. They’re also layered in such a way that they will also provide good lockdown and containment.

One nice detail is the tongue. It’s built in a perforated, fluffy neoprene-style foam. This will help alleviate a ton of lace pressure and add a good amount of comfort and ventilation as well.

All in all, the materials feel cheap in hand, especially considering the $170 price tag, but they feel and perform very well on the hardwood (or blacktop).

Stanley: The G.T. Husle features a lightweight textile upper, a suede toe cap, and of course Cushlon midsole combined with a full-length Zoom Air Stroble. If you combine all that with a translucent waffle herringbone rubber for the outsole – you have a potential hit.

Nike GT Hustle 2 Support

There really is nothing much to say regarding the GT Hustle’s support, because there really isn’t much of anything to boost this feature in the shoe. We have no shank plate, no spring plate, and no containment features outside of the materials and the all-around build. The shoe is wide and the cushioning is stable but that’s about it.

Now, that doesn’t mean that this shoe is unsupportive: The Phylon midsole is dense enough to not require a shank plate, you play so low to the ground with such a minimal cushioning setup that stability is not an issue, and the materials of the shoe hug your foot in such a way that it isn’t going anywhere no matter how hard you stop or cut as you play.

What it does mean is that if you’re a player who needs a little bit extra in this department, then you will have to look elsewhere. Torsional support can be an issue for some foot types and you have very little of that in this shoe. One option you could consider if this is an issue for you and you still want to try these out is using a sturdy insole with a built-in shank plate, like Move Insoles.

Stanley: The support comes directly from the lockdown of the shoe, once you get locked in and laced on correctly. In addition – the cushion – once molded to your foot, makes transitions almost damn near seamless. The one caveat I do have is while I do understand the waffle-like herringbone traction helps with additional flexing – I do wish the herringbone pattern was a little bit thicker if not more set apart rather than close together due to the dust pick-up.

Oh, another thing – once you lace up all the way to the lace hole – the laces do fall a little short, so kind of wish the laces were perhaps 1-2 inches longer. In addition (or subtraction) – there is no midfoot shank, so the shoe bends very fluently to your foot motion if you need that torsional rigidity, you may have to look elsewhere (or Drop in a MOVE-insole).

Because the shoe is so low to the ground and the Zoom stroble is run underfoot, the shoe is made to provide you ultimate court feel due to the low-to-ground heel-to-toe drop of the combined midsole/zoom air unit. Overall – the support – is what you’d expect, solid.

Nike GT Hustle 2 Fit

The Nike GT Hustle 2 fits true to size so go with whatever size you usually use with Nike and you should be good to go. It’s also a nicely comfortable and snug fit, but if you like a very snug-fitting shoe on court, you might be able to get away with going down half a size. If that’s your plan, make sure to try these on in-store.

Stanley: This is where things get interesting. The fit is honestly to the T. I had to lace up to the last lace loop just so the ankle collar didn’t pop. If you’re not lacing it all the way and you doing lateral movements and the collar is popping outward – there’s a potential ankle injury waiting to happen.

The only time you wouldn’t lace it to the last lace loop is if you have slightly beefier ankles and/or you are wearing an ankle brace. The Hustle almost feels like an extension of your foot’s natural movements so I’d stay absolutely true to size. Cause once that midsole molds in, you’re in for a treat.

Nike GT Hustle 2 Overall

nike gt hustle 2 overall

The Nike GT Hustle 2 is an enormous improvement on the Nike GT Run and might just be one of the better performance models we see this year, but it’s definitely more of a niche basketball shoe. The very low-profile cushioning system, the minimal support features, and the traction could make the Nike GT Hustle 2 one of the best guard shoes of the year.

But it might not be enough for bigger players with a more power-based playing style. This also makes it a strange choice as Victor Wembanyama’s first shoe with Nike in the NBA. He might eventually switch models if these can’t keep up with him, but all around the GT Hustle is a top-notch performance model, maybe just not for everyone.

Stanley: The G.T. Hustle had me worried mainly because of how disappointed I was with the G.T. Cut 2 (HELLO whole foot slipping out),  as well as the G.T. Run’s overall build. But the Hustle really opened up my eyes as it almost damn near made me Gush over how much I loved playing in the shoe.

It almost made me feel the same exact sentiment as when I first tried the G.T. Cut 1 (by the way – one of the most amazing shoes – also the best shoe of 2021 IMO – as well as Chris’s). The shoe may visually look clunky, but it’s light as heck.

Once the shoe was on and running on-court it made my feet feel rejuvenated – particularly on foot planting, quick cuts, and any movements (especially laterally). Talk about a HIT ammiiirite? Swoosh struck gold and found a winner in this shoe. While the price is yet to be desired ($170), you’d expect high-performance shoes to be priced right below signature models, but that’s another discussion. The G.T. Hustle 2 is absolutely pure JOY to play in and I’m sure you’ll all enjoy it too. Let’s just hope the next series doesn’t disappoint… The ball’s on your court, Nike. Job well done.

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