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Under Armour Curry 11

Steph Curry’s latest signature, the Curry 11, just might be the best Curry shoe we have seen to date, and easily the most comfortable underfoot.

Release Date: 2023

Price: $160

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Steph Curry’s brand with Under Armour has been churning out very solid performance models since its launch back in 2020. One of the main reasons is that every model Curry Brand released featured Under Armour’s Flow technology.

Flow is a foam midsole that acts as both cushioning and traction. As far as traction goes, Flow offers consistently elite on-court performance. The cushioning, on the other hand, has also been good, but only for certain types of players and playing styles. This is something Under Armour has clearly tried to address in this model with their new foam setup. Did they solve this issue? Let’s find out:

Curry 11 Tech Specs:

Curry 11 Traction

curry 11 traction

The traction on the Curry 11 is excellent. It’s been that way on every Curry model featuring Flow technology. It may seem weird at first to play in a basketball shoe with no traditional outsole, but this foam compound grips the court like no one’s business, and, having no rubber sole also means a considerable reduction in weight (if that’s important to you).

But this setup does have its drawbacks. On indoor courts that aren’t cleaned regularly, shoes that feature Flow will tend to pick up dust quickly. That tacky foam bites the court better than many other materials, but it also ends up being a bit of a magnet for dust and debris. This isn’t a huge issue of course, just make sure to clean the bottoms of your shoes regularly and you should be good to go (and maybe get maintenance to do a once-over on your court).

Also, Flow isn’t the most durable setup out there and therefore isn’t ideal for outdoor use. The good news is, if you are planning on playing with these on concrete, it does wear down uniformly and should offer decent performance all the way to the end.

Curry 11 Cushion

curry 11 cushion

Cushioning is the aspect of the Curry 11 that has seen the biggest upgrade. Instead of just having a slab of uniform Flow foam underfoot, what we have is a dual-density setup. Within the midsole, there is a full-length, softer, and bouncier iteration of Flow foam right underfoot. At first, it might feel a bit underwhelming but this is one of those cushioning setups that needs some time to break in.

Once the foam has had some time to soften up a bit, you will find that this is the most comfortable Curry shoe to date. To add to the feeling of compression, the shoe features several cut-outs along the midsole to allow all the foam to expand and contract as you play.

Curry 11 Materials

curry 11 materials

Materials on the Curry 11 are very similar to what we have seen on the Curry 9 and the Curry 10. The upper can be broken down into two halves. First, we have the lateral side of the shoe that features UA’s Warp technology which is very lightweight and breathable but at the same time offers very good containment on court.

On the medial side of the shoe, we have what Under Armour is calling their Intelliknit material, which, despite the fancy name, is just a tighter woven basic textile that does feel good on foot but really isn’t anything special.

This build should perform very well on court. Containment, breathability, and comfort will all be on point. The only real drawback is that there are no premium materials to be found. But, hey, it’s a modern hoop shoe, and that’s to be expected.

Curry 11 Support

curry 11 support

Curry shoes have always stood out when it comes to support, and the Curry 11 is no different. The shoe features a TPU torsional shank plate, a forefoot Pebax plate, and a 3D molded, TPU external heel counter. Curry is a shifty player who needs a very stable base from which to rise up and drain 3-pointers, and these features provide just that.

Adding a well-built upper with the lateral lace cables on either side of the shoe and a snug 1 to 1 fit, we get a very secure feeling shoe. Lockdown and support on the Curry 11 are as good as any shoe out there.

Curry 11 Fit

curry 11 fit

The Curry 11 fits true to size, so go with whatever size you usually use with Under Armour, and you should be good to go. As we’ve mentioned, it’s a snug 1 to 1 fit. If you’ve had issues with this type of sizing in the past, you might be able to get away with going half a size up, but if you do, make sure to try them on in-store to double-check the fit and to be mindful of heel slippage.

Curry 11 Overall

curry 11 overall

The Curry 11 is similar in many ways to the previous 3 Curry models. Under Armour’s approach to designing Curry shoes in recent years has apparently been “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. This has worked out well, as the Curry 8, the Curry 9, and the Curry 10 have all been excellent performance models, and each has improved slightly on the last.

With the Curry 11 we might have reached the pinnacle of this approach. The one weakness of all the Flow Curry models has been the cushioning. Not that it was bad in any way, but Flow for basketball has been dense and neutral feeling underfoot, making the shoes that feature it fairly niche items.

With this new dual-density iteration of Flow, that one weakness has been addressed. This shoe has everything you know and love from the Curry signature line, with softer, bouncier cushioning.

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  1. After 6 games and a month or so of practices my son’s Curry 11s did the same thing all his other ones have done. The toe area has broken down/come apart. He has the 10s and the LeBron XXs that he was rotating throughout the summer play and the LeBrons held up well. The 10s did well but only because they were not pushed as hard as game play and were rotated with the XXs.
    Son loves the Currys but they do not hold up. 6 games in and had to purchase another pair for the season. We went with the XXs.
    I have pictures but this comment section will not allow me to add them.

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