The Anta KT2 ‘Make It Rain’ – New Images and Angles

When last we saw the Anta KT2 it was an in-hand look in a retail space and some preliminary catalog shots — not much of the real deal. With our performance review proving the KT1 was worthy of court time, the KT2, like most second models, looks to improve on the weakness of the first iteration.

In the case of the KT1 it was cushioning. With a crazy looking traction pattern and upper graphics, the KT2 is going all in from a retail and public perspective — the turn heads and get people talking kind of marketing.

Just from the images below, it seems apparent that the upper materials been upgraded, although the toebox still looks like normal fuse. The ankle collar/heel area appears to be mesh or knit with the Anta logo providing a heel counter/wrap for stability. With the wide forefoot base and stiffer materials, stability should be a given on cuts and landings, allowing Klay to keep coming off picks for that machine-gun release with no worries. The flex notch just before the last two ankle laces should keep flexibility at a premium and cut the high-collar stiffness off before it starts.

No word yet on whether the cushioning improved or not, and retail price and dates are still not available. With the success of last year’s model the Anta KT2 will be on many watchlists this year, especially in the Bay. As always, keep checking for updates — when we know, you know.

anta kt2 make it rain 3

anta kt2 make it rain 2

anta kt2 make it rain 1

anta kt2 make it rain 4

anta kt2 make it rain 6

anta kt2 make it rain 5

anta kt2 make it rain 7

Images via @thebasketballshoes


    1. I thought it was just an awesome placement of the logo for a heel counter but damn, you’re right. The ridges below it look like feathers too.

      You don’t see that much shoes using that lightning print. Reminds me of the Zoom HyperFlight

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