Alpha Industries Unveils Super Limited Year of the Dog B-9 Jacket for Chinese New Year

Military heritage brand Alpha Industries is celebrating Chinese New Year with its extremely limited Year of the Dog B-9 Jacket.

Based on the B-9 Parka that was originally worn by fighter pilots, the jacket is a quarter-length garment specifically constructed with a thermal-sensitive fabric that changes color when exposed to body heat. Alpha Industries has elevated the historic garment with a shearling collar, black faux fur lining, and a Chinese New Year good fortune ribbon for the Year of the Dog.

Because of the significance of the numbers 3 and 4 in the Chinese Zodiac this year, only 34 of these jackets will launch this Friday, February 16, for $400 each. They will be available online at and at Kaufman’s Army & Navy Surplus store in New York.

For more from Alpha Industries, check out the brand’s stunning SS18 drop that merge land, sea, and air.

alpha industries Year of the Dog B-9 Jacket 3

alpha industries Year of the Dog B-9 Jacket 1

alpha industries Year of the Dog B-9 Jacket 2

alpha industries Year of the Dog B-9 Jacket

alpha industries Year of the Dog B-9 Jacket 5


Source: Alpha Industries


  1. Got a deal on an MA-1 on clearance. Thought it’d be all I want from Alpha since it’s their “standard issue” design….been debating other styles ever since. The MA-1 (or at least mine) is just stupid-puffy, and now kinda looking for something more versatile.

  2. Great in the cold mornings, but otherwise in the way. Each to their own but I end up rubbing in hallway walls, can’t eat with it on. I mean I know, bomber jacket. For some reason I didn’t think it’d feel as big as it is when originally handling it.

    Can’t argue with quality, though. Pockets are at the right height imo. Might go for the slim cut version, although that kinda ruins the spirit of getting it in the first place as a bomber jacket.

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