The Air Jordan 33 Will Be Unveiled Next Week

Jordan Brand has teased its announcement of the Air Jordan 33, the next shoe in Michael Jordan’s signature line.

The teaser, which is nothing more than some sort of new pull strap, could signal that the Air Jordan 33 will feature some sort of new lockdown mechanism to keep wearers on the footbed without laces. It is likely that Jordan Brand athlete Russell Westbrook will wear the upcoming Air Jordan 33 on court during the 2018-19 NBA season.

The Air Jordan 33 announcement states that fans should be “locked down” and “prepared to fly” on September 20.

According to leaker @soleheatonfeet, the Air Jordan 33 (XXXIII) will release sometime in October of 2018. That leak also stated that the signature Air Jordan line will go from the Air Jordan 32’s $185 price point down to $175. That still makes the Air Jordan 33 far more expensive than incredibly capable offerings from Nike, Jordan Brand, adidas, and Under Armour, and we have yet to see if the new shoe will bring technological advancements.

Expect the Air Jordan 33 to release in Black/Dark Smoke Grey/Sail/White come October.

Let us know what you’re expecting to be unveiled on the 20 in the comments below.

air jordan 33 teaser

Image via @jumpman23


  1. i really wish Nike/Jordan would stop with the gimmicks. Just make a comfortable stylish shoe that’s great on court and ppl wanna wear off court. It’s really not that hard.

  2. Nicely put Bob.

    I sure hope we don’t get straps on the 33. I just want a performance beast with a clean silhouette, awesome zoom, and no straps.

  3. It’s kinda weird Kobe has had the most expensive shoe in the bball line for 2 years straight if you go by original retail, and at the same time NBA players usually opt for the cheaper AD in his line. I guess Nike is trying to enforce the NXT line as their current exorbitant offering, like a “not everyone will like this shoe because this shoe isn’t for everyone” kinda thing.

    1. I checked out the video, and you’re right. That pull strap looks very similar to that golf shoe. Makes you wonder if the AJ 33 will be inspired by Jordan’s love for golf. Don’t get me wrong, a new flagship shoe that’s inspired by the 33 would be dope, but I kinda miss when they used to design his shoes around his lifestyle or passions. That’s what made the originals so unique and amazing

  4. @Bob…Have you checked out the Why Nots or the AJ XXXII? Both are solid on court and imo pretty nice looking if you want to rock them casually

    1. The XXII is great. It looks amazing and it’s stupid comfortable. They also don’t have a gimmick. The why nots don’t look that great IMO. They could literally be the best shoe on the planet but if they don’t look good it’s pointless.

  5. I don’t mind the shoe having this kind of lacing system innovation. however, I just hope that they wouldn’t put a shroud over the upper to cover it as it adds to the overall appeal of the shoe, aesthetically speaking. there is just too much shroud going on with Nike and Jordan brand right now that it becomes more repetitive rather than unique. and, hope the shoe is customizable, if it isn’t, make some sick colorways and better materials.

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